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The Postcard Killers by James Patterson
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really liked it
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Trigger Warnings: as expected for a serial killer book bloody, detailed killings, arranged.
A few straight sex scenes.
Straightforward Serial Killer book, surprisingly dumb investigators (police AND MC's).
As I guessed the surprisingly few twists, some might rate this lower. The suspense was good, though and kept me interested.
OK, read, more like 3.8 stars, rounded to 4. As usual with a Patterson book, felt a little formalistic. The influence of the co-author was good, with the setting in Europe, that felt real. Both settings, customs, and language like.

Recommended as a fast weekend read for serial killer fans. As far as I know a standalone, which is ok with me, the male MC (as ususal forgot his name after finishing the book) was not very remarkable, did not like him. Desiré the female MC was way more interesting.
As this was filmed as a movie, one of the reasons I stumbled over this book, I bought that movie on iTunes and will see it soon and comment here on it.

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message 1: by Ingo (last edited Nov 29, 2020 02:00AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ingo Saw the movie yesterday, bought on iTunes. It was just ok, 3 stars of 5. Although I liked the actor who played the MC, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the role was as nearly as bad, as in the book, he played it well, but the role did not offer much and so no other actor could have made a difference to bring more to role.
There where some major changes to the story and how it played out. One major change was that the movie was, how to put it?, rather bloodless (I do not want to spoil it). And one more twist was watered down, with an explanation of the detective in the end, that particular twist was way better in the book, the explanation untwisted it, which was for me unnecessary and again did not improve the story.
But except for another nice twist after the main part was ended, all that did not improve the rather standard story. This felt like a TV-movie with the money thrown at two stars, which also did not help. Famke Janssen as the introduced ex-wife plays a new and interesting part. That part of the story was new, and rather good.

Also, the movie has a playing time of 1 h 45 min, but the real time is just 1 h 36 min with long time rolling credits. While I normally prefer shorter movies, this one felt too short, could have been a 2 parter with 60-90 min. for each part, and closer to the book or the changes (scenes with the ex-wife) longer played out.

While the main idea, when described, could compare with movies like The Cell (one of my favourite movies) or La sindrome di Stendhal aka The Stendhal Syndrome (another I really like), or other movies with art playing a major role, the movie does not use its possibilities, even less than the book. The scenes showing the victims could have been more detailed and longer, as it is, we just get short glimpses.

Was a waste of money that I bought it, one viewing is enough.
Like a TV-movie. 3 stars from 5, even less, than the book.

Ingo After a time to think about it, checking the review of the book, comparing to the movie, I think, 3.8 stars rounded up to 4 is too much. Take it with a grain of salt, on another day I would have given 3.5 stars and rounded on a whim down to 3.
After a time I tend not change ratings, and I still think, some ideas where better in the book, some in the movie ( father ! ).

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