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Fire the Sky by W. Michael Gear
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Jul 01, 2012

it was amazing
Read in July, 2013

Review of Fire the sky
By Theresa Hulongbayan
"It amazes me reading stories by these authors, the research and information that they bring to life with dynamic characters, conflicts and changes in the North American world make history worth learning. As you read this powerful story, you find that the technology, and war capacity of the Spanish was not why they gained such a foothold in the new world, as they wandered throughout the country, destroying nations, killing people, capturing captives, and spreading disease all in the vain hope of wealth and gold. In many ways it seems to parallel the advents of the Romans conquering the Mediterranean area. The technology, discipline of the conquistadors overpowers the technology and fighting techniques of Native American tribes. Like the Romans techniques exploited the Native tribes in Gaul, Spain, and England. Their Organization, and manipulation or people and politics made them unstoppable. I wonder if Native Americans took to heed warning would they have been able to expel the Conquistadors. Or if the conflict at home in Spain had distracted the colonizers would the world be a different place.
This story shows that it was the disease, infighting, and external tensions gave the Spanish and edge that in many ways was irrefutable. Those nations that would have only a few years earlier would have wiped the Spanish off the map, find that disease has weakened them, or that their political needs make it impossible for them to a mass their strength against them. The betrayal of White Rose and the people like her defeated Native tribes before the battle could begin. It seems a redundancy in history that it is the betrayals within that cause the most conflict.
The Gears writing draws you into the story, Black Shell and Pearl hand serve as a dynamic combination that humanize the story of the struggles of the native americans, the reader is thrilled by the draw of the underdog. As you read the story you wish so much that the native tribes find a way or solution to expel the monster De Soto. You will find that love, commitment and understanding are the greatest of human traits. Something not only to live for, fight for but to die for. Unfortunately in this story many beloved characters lose their fight, Blood thorn, Skipper, and even High Mikkos loose all they have in attempt to balance the Red and the White, Christianity and native Beliefs...
De Soto has learned a lesson from the previous story and comes protesting peace only to conquer, subjugate and destroy the societies he encounters. He struggles with power, and finds not what he was looking for but a fight even his superiority can't win.
It is understandable why the name of the book originally was fire the Mabila, the scene within Mabila is a powerful realization that despite all their power and cunning De Soto can be overcome, and the nightmare has an end, but it would not be easy, quick, or maybe even survivable. "

Character list of the Battle for America
Black Shell: of the chief clan of the Hickory Moiety, of the Chicaza nation. A trader, and our hero, he is an honest man, with interest in adventure, an undeniable curiosity, and a secret. He was raised to rule the Chicaza as Minko, but because of a cowardice act as a young warrior, he was ashamed, he ran away became a trader. It’s his sense of adventure that get him into trouble, his courage that gets him out, and his love that he pays the highest price.
Five Pack dogs
Squirm: he liked to wiggle out of his packs and had made a study of how to do it without Black shell noticing. His long hair is dark brown and sleek, serving to accent the white blaze on his face and the milky bib on his chest.Bark: his name says it all, charcoal black with a thick head decorated by old scars. When it came to a dog fight, he was terror unleashed.
Skipper: was named for his curious sideways gait. He was a light brown with short hair and oddly blue left eye.
Fetch: his most beloved dog, having a partly human soul, his greatest joy in life came from retrieving thrown sticks and hide balls, or even rocks. Was killed by the Kristainos, when he tried to protect Black Shell.
Gnaw: as a puppy several times he almost ended up as stew after chewing off sections of pack leather. He was the fastest and strongest of the dogs, carried the heaviest pack. A huge gray monster of a dog, the image only sullied with a cute white tip on his tail.

Pearl Hand: a Chicora, Irriparacoxi’s bound woman, traded from one person to the next. She is a survivor that is able to use her intelligence, abilities, and body to achieve her goals. She is the daughter of a native woman, and a long lost Spanish Kristianos who impregnated her mother, who escaped them only to begin looking for the father. Her interest in him caused her to travel, search the ends of the world for her father, but has also taught her his language, which is the best of her abilities but the least of her value. She tries to warn Black Shell of the danger he would face in seeking the White Ghosts, but only finds herself saving him from them.Legends and Heroes of the various tribes,Corn woman: the daughter of Woman-who-never-dies, brought corn and beans to the people and gave birth the Hero Twins; Morning star and the Orphan.Woman who never dies: first woman, a legend of the Chiaza people who gave birth to First man and Corn woman
Water Panther: Piasa, a mythological beast/god that prowled the depths, attaching the people in the swamps and water ways.Horned Serpent: his voice is sibilant and terrible; Sunlight glistened in tiny rainbows from the scales that armored his skull. The horns that jutted from his head were forked and might have been made to translucent red jasper that almost glowed. Awesome crystalline eyes stared down at me in glittering splendor, like faceted quartz. And in their gaze resonated a Power that sent it waves through my souls. Chevrons dots and dark centered circles decorated the length of his hug body. Each consisted of a symbol of the first days drawn upon his hide by breath giver during the creation. Those mighty wings rose form the center of back and spread above in large patterned feathers almost transparent in the sunlight.Breathe Giver: a powerful god in the pantheon of many tribes, a religious central power.
TimucuaIrriparacoxi: High war councilor or combat chief, newly risen leader among the disorganized Southern Timucua villages.
Red Wing: first councilor to White Bird Lake town. An Anacotima can be thought of as something like a combination orator, councilor, palace overseer, and supervisor.
Stalks the Mist: “Ears” a painted warrior of the TImucua, had a string of dried human ears hung around his neck. He is an arrogant and slightly bitter subcheif (Iniha), who reeked of ambition and thought himself superior to everyone but the high chief. Is captured by the Kristainos and uses his ability to translate languages to his advantage.
Chief Uzahile: from the town of Cholupaha ordered the people to flee before the invasion. he was one of the most powerful of the Tumucuan chieftain in the north who had fought against his enemies to the west and north.
Chief Mocoso: Chief of the Mocoso clan, betrayed by the Kristanos
Muskrat: a warrior who finds Black Shell and Pearl Hand after their escape.
Old Man Crawfish: head elder of the Musselshell Clan.
Caramaba: Chief (Holota)
Spotted wing: a healer an old woman past her bearing years.
Ocale: Holota Chief
Two panthers: son of the chief and warrior, helped Black Shell and Pearl Hand to the north to warn the northern tribes.
Sabal: mother of Two Panthers, wife of the Ocale Holota.
Uzita Blood Thorn: iniah (subcheif) of the fish clan of the Uzachile nation. The first son of Bit woman, wife of
Paracusi Eagle fighter: war leader of Ahocalaquen. Helps plan and attack the Kristainos that were holding his people's leaders hostage.
Ahocalaquen : surrendered himself to protect his people and his niece from the invasion. He was a stout man thickly muscled through the shoulders. He had a broad and pleasant face.
Eagle fighter: paracuis of the Ahocalaquen
Bit Woman: of the fish clan daughter of White fruit, cousin of Holata Ahocalaquen.
Blue Sun Stone: a delegate from Holata Uzachile, their paramount chief.
Holata Uriutina: a representative of the Great Holata of the Napetuca.
Paracusi Rattlesnake: helped plan the retaliation of the Native tribes against the Kristainos.
Juan Ortiz: bearded Spaniard, translator, and slave instructor. Was chief Mocoso’s cative for ten years after a ship wreck brought him on shore. He speaks only a little Timucua, a smattering of Calusa, and knows even less or your laws of Power. He barely understands the ways of own Uzita.
Antonio: prisoner of Black Shell and Pearl Hand, a Kristaino soldier, becomes their greatest enemy.
Don Luis Riz: a subcheif of Adelantodo, father of Antonio. Grey haired and bearded.
Adelantado De Soto: a conquistador of the Inca, who took the gold and silver from the Inca. A high minko Gobernado de la Florida , called el rey Carlos His high catholic Majesty Carlos, and a hold leader called Papa, who gave him La Florida as his own.
Dios: created the world, god of the Kristainos


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