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Jul 01, 2012

it was ok

** spoiler alert ** ERGHPFFTBLEGGHH.
i Just read Hollowmen -Amanda Hocking- and wanted to just . . . errgh, just throw the book of the floor. But I couldnt, because I was on my iPod. My God, that book is depressing. And THERE IS NO POINT IN HAVING THE PREVIOUS BOOK!!!!!! Except to depress the readers more. I mean Remy (the heroine) seemed fine with the fact everyone she was with in the last book (including the dude she apparently loved) is either dead or she won't ever see them again. And she just ups and gets a new boy - which I'm actually down with because i was team Tatum (Lazlo is just . . . erghh idk just not right for kickass Remy) but guess what?
Tatum died. Straight up. No heroic death, just "oh, im going for a pee" then BANG he's dead.
And this new story is based on characters we've never met before . . . okay with the exception of AMAZING Ripley the tiger . . . and we don't even see her til pretty late in the book. So, the previous book she's rolling with: Harlow, Blue and Lazlo. Last chapter is all the heartfelt, teary goodbyes; the "i love you"'s and the "I'll wait for you forever"....which I have to admit made me like Lazlo more in the first one, then (as I needed cheering up) I went and reread the first one and in this scene I wanted to punch him. In the face. With a metal pole.
Now, first chapter is her getting TORTURED. But of course kickass Remy is dealing, still making herself stronger. (Unrealistic, I know) Then zombies have got into the compound so she escapes with Tatum (and at this point I'm thinking....awww she was tortured lets go kill thosee ...bleeeeeeeeeeep .... and OHMYGODDYAYYY!!! TATUM!!!!) so she asks about everyone else we actually KNOW ... and they've left her. They HAD to, but they didn't try get her out, check on her or ANYTHING. This Lazlo of "I will wait forever" blah blah BLAAHH!
And then Tatum dies. BLERGH. And she sees Blue's dead corpse zombie thing. Depressing. And then (for you Team Lazlo's) she gets a radio with him on the other end. (This is quite far in BTW) And he's basically like "Oh, yeah, I'm alive but we can't meet up because the zombies will kill us all, but we can meet up in Canada - no place, no time, no NOTHING but yeah, we can meet! Oh, BTW Harlows dead. Toodles."
Oh and one of the people torturing her (literally cutting her open WHILE SHE WAS AWAKE because they didn't want to waste sedatives) is rolling with the group. Good news is, she's found her brother. But he was doing fine without her and doesn't add ANYTHING to the story. AT ALL.
And also, by the time you get to ... not like because the extra characters in this book are completely POINTLESS and they have NO personality ... but by the time you get used to them they die. Seriously. Even the guy that tortured her, Remy becomes friends with. (Yeah, I was like ..Okaaaaaaaay as well.) EVERYONE dies except her new guy and this random guy they picked off the street. He says absolutely NOOOOTHING.
The ONLY good thing is Bodem her new boy - he's kinda kickass too, army boy and that. In fact, he's kinda like Tatum. Just not dead. And them two get together and it ends with Remy like "oh, I can't stop the end of the world, everyone's gonna die... but hey at least I have a nice guy to sleep with." -_____________-

Considering I loved the first one, Hollowmen was just ...erghff. Crap is the wrong word, because Amanda Hocking can write - not literary write, I mean keep you wanting more and turning the pages . . . i mean, the books not BAD its just not something I like...
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