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Pet Sematary by Stephen King
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Oct 21, 2008

really liked it
bookshelves: horror
Read in November, 2008

** spoiler alert ** The painful, hard thing about Stephen King's writing is that so often, he takes something real, something that people can experience in the real world, and builds the supernatural stuff onto that. In The Shining, there's Jack's alcoholism; in The Talisman, there's Jack/Jason's mother's cancer; The Stand plays on our fears of something, somewhere, in one of those labs, getting out of control; in Pet Sematary, it's the death of a child. So much of the book is completely real and believable: the arguments between Louis and his wife's parents, Gage running out onto the road and getting himself killed, Louis being willing to do anything to resurrect his son, anything. It's gruesome, because anyone with an ounce of imagination can put themself in that situation, imagine the horrible choice: do I try this and possibly get my son back or possibly create a monster, or do I pass this chance by and never find out whether it could have worked?

Stephen King is definitely not "just" a horror writer. His horror becomes much more "real" because he is also writing about real things.

This book hurt the most of the ones of his that he's read, and so it took me longer to get through it. I don't regret it, even if it grossed me out a bit. I think it's pretty brilliant, the ideas and the plot at least. Stephen King is not the most fancy writer in the world, but his prose works and goes down easy, and that makes it good, as far as I'm concerned.
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73.13% "The painful thing about this is that part of it is so *real*. It's just the supernatural part that could never happen to the rest of us."

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Felicia I think the fact that he is not a fancy author is part of his appeal. His "voice" gets inside your head, like a friendly neighbor telling you a story. It is very casual, yet personable.

Traci Adamson exactly Felicia. and the way he throws humor in to break the tension. I've always felt it was brilliant. You can only take so much tension before you need release. King gives you that release without having to walk away from the book.

Ololosunny Please how do I get Pet Semetary book on line to read the full story? Um, this site is not giving me the full story of the book.

Nikki I'm not sure if King's books are available legitimately as ebooks: if they are, they'll be easy to find on Amazon etc. If not, sorry, I'm not gonna help anyone pirate books.

Mark A. I agree what you said about make extraordinary out of something real. What extent would we go to protect your childten and how far do you go to make up for your downfalls? Pet Sematary explores both in a well developed story.
Plus King finally delivers a good ending!

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