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Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple
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Jun 30, 2012

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What we have here is a satirical epistolary novel about a bunch of whiny one percenters in Seattle.

Ms. Semple is sending up Seattle elites, which here seem to be typified by Bernadette's husband Elgie, a granola eating, public transport using, bike riding, Microsoft employee with a genius IQ. She also sets her sights on the students and parents of a Montessori-style preparatory school. I don't feel a particular need to explain what happens, because it's pretty well-traveled stuff.

Where BERNADETTE sets itself apart is the storytelling style. The story here takes the form of a packet of documents that Bernadette's daughter has prepared after Bernadette disappears. These include emails between Elgie's assistant and a disgruntled neighbor, emails between Bernadette and her Indian assistant Manjula, police reports, magazine articles, etc. These documents have a kind of zingy, lighthearted, ironic quality about them, and it makes for an energetic and enjoyable story. Narration between the documents is provided in brief snippets by Bernadette's precocious daughter Bee.

Alas, there are many problems, and the book never lives up to its promise. Semple is trying to have it both ways. Bernadette, for example is a ruthlessly satirized Type A East Coast transplant. We're supposed to find her ridiculous, but we're also expected to fall for her. Semple wants us to believe she's a genius because she won a MacArthur genius grant, even though there's very little else in the way of supporting evidence. She wants us to find Bernadette mysterious and admirable. But I was never really drawn in by Bernadette's positive qualities, or able to find them at all. This wouldn't have been a problem for me if it wasn't so clear that I was supposed to like her.

Also, the title and jacket copy of this book seem to promise that it's about the mysterious disappearance of, and search for, Bernadette. The problem is that Bernadette never really disappears. She leaves briefly, but her reasons for leaving are pretty clear, and it's not hard to guess where she went--the setting of Antarctica, promised by the icy mountains on the cover and tons and tons of buildup throughout, might provide a clue.

But the book suffers the most when the narration switches to Bee full time after the disappearance. This switch is somewhat painstakingly explained, but it felt lazy to me. There had to be a way to keep the form that had been so successful for the first two thirds of the book for the final act. It felt like Semple was trying to write a book that was zany, unique, and inventive, but also perfectly conventional, with all the benefits of both storytelling styles. In my mind, this book depended on the inventiveness of its epistolary style, and abandoning it was disaster.

All in all, worth reading. This is the kind of book that very well could have left me shaking my head and wondering how the author pulled it off, if only she had pulled it off. Ah, well.

I received this in ARC form from the Nervous Breakdown book club, and I hope they dress it up a bit for the hardcover. I think it would be better if the documents appeared in different forms and fonts, if Elgie's handwritten letter appeared handwritten, etc.

I can't close this review without saying that this book's cover is unfortunate. While I did have issues here, this book represents a serious effort, and it deserved a serious cover.

It will be interesting to see what Maria Semple does next.
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Johnvano well stated

message 2: by Dianne (new)

Dianne Sherrill ,

Stephanie My thoughts exactly.

Lorraine White perfectly said!

David V Great review. This book felt like a 5-star read for the first half and then devolved into a 2-star book when the style and tone changed.

Tima My thoughts exactly!

Tania Wonderful review. I agree with your suggestions.

Joyo right on.

Michelle Exactly! !

message 10: by Jude (new) - rated it 2 stars

Jude I couldn't have said it better myself

Dalia My thoughts exactly

Michelle Brown Exactly right - first two thirds of the book were great and then the last third fell flat. Worth the read, though.

Michelle This book completely struggles with tone. Great review!

Barbara Berendt Yes! Especially the book cover, so true!

Juliane Bentivoglio Great review. I would only add one thing: I felt that a very important part of the story was left untold. If Bernadette had such a reaction to her 3-year-project 20 mile house being demolished, to the point where she shut herself down in so many aspects, how would she react when she found out that her husband knocked up the neighbour when she wasn't even missing (so no 'I thought you were dead' excuse). Isn't a 18-year-mariage much harder to rebuild than a a house? Isn't the concept of a happy and faithful relationship much more valuable than a house, which should be just one of so many other projects in the life of an architect? Well, I think that if the house plus the losing the babies and the weather in Seattle were enough to make her so depressed, then a baby outside of the marriage had the potential to make her suicidal. I really wish the author had written just a few more chapter with Bernadette coming back home and learning about all of it.

Barbara Berendt Yes I thought the story fell apart there too!

Rachel Chiapparine Agreed

Julia I don't believe the title is referring to Bernadette's actual physical disappearance.

Kathy I completely agree.

Sadie-jane (sj) nunis I'm almost done with the book. read tour review.. spot on

Sadie-jane (sj) nunis Your not tour..

Deanna I think it hit on zany, unique and inventive quite well. It didn't completely give up its epistolary style at the end.

Cheryl Taylor Great for satire comedy,- if you like that sort of thing!

message 24: by Jana (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jana Vagabond This book is very engaging, a fast read, quite funny in places, and easy to get involved in the characters. I did think it was odd that B didn't get more upset about the girlfriend. It seems a good fantasy about wasted female potential, as she seemed to give everything up for her family. I liked how she resolved her malaise at the end and became much more animated and "her".

message 25: by K (new) - rated it 3 stars

K couldn't agree more! great review

Nurgül hati Agree 100%

Cassandra Hammond After doing some background research on Semple, I wondered if it was loosely based on her life? Anyone else? Thoughts? I wasn’t able to find too much so I’d love to know if someone else knows more about the author.

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