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The Omen Machine by Terry Goodkind
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Jun 30, 2012

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Read from June 29 to 30, 2012

I had trouble deciding on the stars for this review. In the end I settled on three, since I did in fact enjoy the read. However, while reading it I felt I was turning the pages to get some kind of closure, not because I was swept away by the story. There were a number of small (and huge) things that bothered me, plot-wise, most of which seem to have been covered in other reviews here.

A very short summation of the good and bad: I really liked many of the scenes that did not feature the main characters. In fact, I pretty much enjoyed everything that had only the sparsest of dialogue and relied on evocative descriptions instead. What really got to me in this novel were the poorly executed exchanges between characters, the rage-inducing repetitions, and suddenly feeling completely alienated from characters I thought I knew.

I hope the next installment of the story picks up the slack from this one - while it wasn't my favorite Goodkind novel I am eager to see what the future brings. It is a shame that The Omen Machine was somewhat disappointing - one can only hope that it lays the groundwork for a great continuation. While reading it I felt like it was originally a much longer novel which then had to be slashed into two, and this part then padded to be able to stand alone, demolishing some bridges and character exchanges along the way in order for the whole to make (some) sense. At least that is my hope, since I was less than enchanted with the way the protagonists were portrayed as clueless, two-dimensional jerks, and in the case of Kahlan, helpless victim.
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