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Epic Fail by Claire LaZebnik
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Jun 30, 2012

it was amazing
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Alright so, Derek is hard to get but he comes around. And I'm just going to come out and say it...I totally knew he liked her. It was so adorable, and she's so oblivious. I think she should have waited longer to judge him for who he really is, but I understand why she didn't. I mean, Webster-this boy she meets in her Astronomy class that turns out to be some complete freak and deserves to be locked up- was this cute, sweet boy who could be very charming and she was new at the school, didn't know anyone else, except of course her sister who introduced her to Chase, who introduced them to Derek, who wasn't all that nice at first. You have to admit, Derek was being kind of an ass to Webster, but I never really liked Webster that much, he kind of annoyed me. And that party! Derek and Elise were having such an amazing time together, it was SO cute, right up until Webster 'showed up' and ruined everything. I wasn't expecting Derek to throw him out of the party, but that, and the when they played ping-pong together, cleared up the fact that, yeah, he definitely liked her. And also that there was something seriously off about Webster. Like he was hiding something from her, not telling her the full truth of things, only the parts where Derek came out as the bad guy. It worked, but not for too long. He made the mistake to lie to Elise, and her sister, Layla, found out and told her. After that, things kind of went down hill. It turns out, I was right, he is messed up. A lot of things happened after that, with Juliana and Chase's relationship, Elise and Webster, Derek and Elise's relationship, and Chelsea...Chase's annoying sister. But I'm just going to fast forward to the end when Elise and Derek realize what Chelsea had done, stop being mad at each other, and try to get their friends back together. This involves hand holding, and a lot of cuteness. There's honestly no other way to describe Derek. He's not cool, awesome...he's just plain fucking amazing. It's only a bonus with the whole famous parents thing. She'll get to experience going to movie premiers and meeting her fav icons, things like that! It's cool(: And thinking about it now, he doesn't even push her into doing anything with her. He can get shy, he knows how to be romantic, and he's...just fucking amazing. "To die for!" Perfect for each other. And even though Chelsea was no. I still don't like her. She really screwed with Juliana and Chase's relationship.(I knew he was way too nice to do that to her. It did take me a few pages, but I got that it was her) I predicted everything exactly how it went (Just saying...) in this book. I'm so proud :D
This book was very interesting, funny, so cute, messed with your feelings, got your heart racing from excitement, and got you reading twice as fast because of the urge of wanting to know what was going to happen next. It had your stomach aching of happiness, confusion, and...happiness! You'd have to seriously try not to love it. It's completely worth your time. COMPLETELY. As you can tell, because I just rambled about it with this long review(:

P.s. I don't really understand the reason for this, maybe because of the way Derek was described, with him being really tall, his cute face and hair, long legs and broad shoulders(so pretty much his whole body!) but I imagined Derek looking like Grant Gustin. He fit the spot perfectly(:

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