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West of Want by Laura Kaye
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Jun 29, 2012

it was amazing
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Read in August, 2012

Ella has lost it all, her parents, her husband- cheating bastard - and her brother, releasing his ashes into the sea while on board their sailing boat True Blue a storm hits, even while a great sailor she can't fight the storm and as she hits the frigid water her world goes black and she believes this is it.

Zephyros, the God of the West Wind, is storming about his nephew's happiness, while he never has had any, only betrayal and disappointment, but just before it's too late he realizes his actions have but an innocent near death and he barely saves the woman from his storm.

Deeply regretful of his carelessness he sees her to shore, but can't bring himself to leave before he sees she's making a recovery, but the woman keeps him coming back again and again until he makes the mistake of materializing at the wrong time and getting an earful from Ella. But as they begin to get to know each other and as Zeph feels the need to heal the injuries his storm caused it dawns to Ella that Zeph is more than just a stalker - and there is more to the world than she ever thought.

But with Eurus, Zeph's estranged brother and ruler of the East Wind, dead set on breaking any happiness Zeph has Ella isn't safe, but even if Zeph can protect her against his brother's maliciousness can he protect her from his own fears of betrayal that's branded on his soul.

Oh ever since reading North of Need I've been so patiently waiting for Laura Kaye's next Hearts of Anemoi book - because I fell in love with North of Need and the way Kaye tells stories, they are happy but emotional, romantic and so sexy!

Kaye has a talent with words and creating with them a believable world with sexy well built gods and women who catch their eyes - and that ladies makes West of Want such a great romance! I could go on and on how well written West of Want is, how engaging the story is and how you are so invested it hurts when our couple goes through a rough patch - but I have to get on with the review and get to gushing about how hot Zeph is. ;)

I loved the story in West of Want, Ella's broken heart, Zeph's slowly emerging hope for future and Eurus's menacing presence through out the book. The Ancient Greek history bits were intriguing and I loved how Kaye wrapped them all in there in subtle way, and I loved all the coincidents trying to tell Zeph she was perfect for her.

I've said "loved" like four times now but bare with me because there will be more. ;)

Sometimes when you write a character like Ella who has gone through so much heartbreak and sorrow they can become downers - but not Ella, she still has that spark of life, that kindness and she fights for reasons to live and have a good life even with her parents and her brother dead and her ex-husbands cheating still a fresh cut. You can't help but love Ella and her M&M addiction.

Zeph, oh what to say about this guy... oh I know, Hot! Want me to elaborate? Okay here goes. Take one moody Supreme God of the West Wind who's been betrayed hundred times over, with a wicked hot body, and give him family issue big enough to sink titanic and then just watch what happens when he begins to fall for our heroine. You can help but fall in love as well, especially when the Supreme God gets his first taste of M&Ms. The depth he has and the way he feels for Ella hooks any romance reader to this story.

The romance between Ella and Zeph has to be one of my favorites, it's right up there with Megan and Owen ( who does make an appearance! ) from North of Need and Rhage and Mary from Lover Eternal to name a few. Like with all my faves there has to be love, emotional hook, heartbreak and healing - and there must be hot love scenes... so welcome to West of Want to that crowd!

It's no wonder people went crazy for this series, once you get a taste of Hearts of Anemoi you can't let go... and like many ladies I too cannot wait for South of Surrender to come out in 2013!

West of Want isn't a stand alone, read North of Need (Hearts of the Anemoi #1) first, trust me it's just as good and you'll love Megan and Owen too!

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