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Laird of the Mist by Paula Quinn
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Jun 29, 2012

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Read on June 29, 2012

This is for all the MacGregors and Children of the Mist books (there's 6 altogether). On average, I'll say 2.5 stars, some being 2's and a couple of them being 3's.

What I liked:
- They're fun little reads and they made me laugh (intentional or not, I have no clue). The Scottish accents and wording made it rather fun - dinna, canna, nae, aye, wee lass, etc lol
- They're actually not terribly unbelievable from a historical standpoint. I really did like the historical context.
- I like how the books all tie together (they all involve the same family), but each one focuses on a different character. That makes it somehow both fresh and familiar.
- The writing is actually pretty decent.
- The male leads in each book are pretty fun - tough and bad ass yet they do the whole melting thing for the women they love. I think it was in the first book of Children of the Mist where the female lead says something to the effect of 'he was a man who scowled at the rest of the world but who melted at the sight of her'. That's kind of sweet in that romance novel kind of way. Everyone likes the mean old bear with the sweet spot.

What I didn't like:
- Some were pretty repetitive, as in it was almost like reading the same story but with different characters.
- Some of the female leads were super annoying and weak (a few were awesome and equal in bad ass-ness to their male counterparts, though, and I kinda loved them).
- The sex was... bad. Like once there was sex on a horse... while it was moving. I found that... hilarious. But in a bad way.
- Lots of romance novel cliches
- Highly predictable
- Some ridiculous dialogue in places

Book #1: Laird of the Mist. Main dude was Callum, The Devil, MacGregor and patriarch of the family. He's flipping awesome. His wife is awesome too. This was my favorite in the series. I'll give it a 3.

Book #2: A Highlander Never Surrenders. Main dude was Graham Grant, Callum's best bud and commander of the MacGregor army. This one wasn't bad and I liked Claire. But... the arguing and whatnot got a little old. I'll give it a 2.5.

Book #3: Ravished by a Highlander. Main dude is Rob, Callum's firstborn. I loved Rob. I hated Davina (his love interest). Only because of Rob, it gets a 2.5.

Book #4: Seduced by a Highlander. Main dude is Tristan, Rob's younger brother. This was my least favorite in the series. I just didn't like Tristan or Isobel. *yawn*. Gets a 2.

Book #5: Tamed by a Highlander. Main dude is Conner Grant, Graham's kid. Main woman is Mairi MacGregor, Callum's daughter. I liked this one only a little bit more than #4. Too much bantering and blah blah blah. Got old. I'll give it a 2.

Book #6: Conquered by a Highlander. Main dude is Colin MacGregor, Callum's youngest son. I LIKE Colin, almost as much as I like Callum. I did not like Gillian. I'll give this one a 2.5. Would have been a 3 had I liked Gillian more.

Overall, not a bad little series IF YOU LIKE THIS KIND OF ROMANCE NOVEL. They're silly and fun and a nice little diversion.

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