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Ecstasy Unveiled by Larissa Ione
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Jun 29, 2012

it was amazing

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Impossible situations with impossible solutions command the entirety of this, the fourth installment in the Demonica Series. Ecstasy Unveiled is the story of Lore, Eidolon, Shade, and Wraith’s newly found brother, and Idess an angel in training sent to protect him. A common thread in this series is Ione’s ability to create drama and suspense with her never ending relationship tangles. With Tayla and Eidolon, he was a demon and she was an Aegis demon hunter. Shade and Runa were lovers previously and that didn’t end too well plus Shade has a curse on him that will make him fade into nothingness if he falls in love. Wraith and Serena have an issue of Wraith needing to steal Serena’s virginity in order to live however if he succeeds she dies. Ione doesn’t disappoint with Ecstasy Unveiled.

Lore and Idess meet as Lore is trying to kill Kynan, the same Kynan that he brought back to life in Passion Unleashed. When Lore tries to take Kynan’s life Idess, Kynan’s angel Memitim, comes to his rescue. After the scuffle Lore becomes another of Idess’s charges at which point she flashes him to her house and chains him to the bed. This would be the beginning of some really hot sexy time in any other novel however Idess has taken a vow of celibacy. Enter some amazing foreplay however and this romance novel gets incredibly hot. As Lore and Idess try to meet their own ends in killing/saving Kynan they must also fight some pretty intense attraction. It’s only when Idess realizes that her brother Rami is behind all of the chaos that put Lore in Kynan’s path, that she gives up her chastity to save Kynan, Lore and in the process the world.

I absolutely loved Lore and Idess. I will say that it took me a little bit to warm up to Lore simply because I was wary of having a long lost brother show up out of the blue, however I think he becomes one of my favorite characters. He’s a good looking, confident, smart-alec with a heart of gold that he can’t seem to see. I love that he and Idess help each other realize their true potential and help each other break out of their self-destructive molds. He and Idess both feel responsible for the paths and happenings that their siblings went down and both punish themselves endlessly in their need to make things right. I love that both Lore and Idess truly give up so much in order to find their love for each other and to protect those that are most important to them. I also love that it’s Idess that makes the path clear for Lore to get to know the new additions to his family.

I gave Ecstacy Unveiled a five out of five rating because I love how seamlessly Ione takes us from the tangled up mess of a plot that she starts with to smooth clean happy ending. It’s the twists and turns that make these novels so hard to put down and each one just gets twisty-er, but I love that every novel has this nice neat ending that, if you sat down at the beginning again, is completely and totally plausible. I can’t wait to read more of this author.

This is book 4 of 5 in the Demonica Series
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