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Spontaneous Combustion by Miles Gentry
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Jun 29, 2012

it was amazing
Read in June, 2012

The most fascinating, insightful and thought-provoking read covering religion and the meaning of life, condensed within one must have volume that is ones essential guide. Reading this book was like opening a window on something new and incredible that is enlightening, soul searching and instructive. I love how it was stated that ‘mankind is in the dark’ and that this guide will open up your mind to new possibilities, ideals and discoveries that will blow you away. It is not a solution to resolve what we know and are aware of around us but rather it is something that not only sheds new light on our current understanding, but gives us chance for personal change and renaissance. I can now honestly say that it has altered my outlook on life, my perspective and knowledge has expanded on such an overwhelming scale as to shock and astonish. I never thought that one book could have such a dramatic and marked effect upon its reader, hence I cannot enthuse enough about the depth that Miles Gentry has gone to to produce something of such an outstanding caliber. Looking at the bible (the most widely read book on earth) in more depth and detail than ever before, the author looks at the mysteries and hidden truths within that have captivated so many individuals for centuries. He does this in such a unique and profound way, that is thought-provoking and which could only have been achieved by writing in a non-religious way. Spirituality and religion are such deeply rooted entities that have been ingrained within human life, therefore I found this to be truly mesmerizing and intriguing to read about and discover on a whole new level. Sacred texts, religious myth and symbols, the study of psychology combined with metaphysics makes this an extraordinary and most remarkable read, done in such an original and unique way that is utterly distinctive. As I followed the trail that the book followed on I came to compare the logic and evidence that was presented to me against what I already knew and my thoughts, thus ultimately arriving at the beginning of reality altogether and certainty of life. This was such an illuminating, fantastic read that engulfs all of humanity united under one roof being the cosmic crucible. In the author’s eyes we must save ourselves from the impending upshot termed ‘spontaneous combustion’ by understanding more about ourselves, coming into being and our ending. Death is something that can be confusing and frightening and also living can be just the same; baffling, mystifying and perplexing, hence for this reason I ask you to read deeper and open your mind to what this book has to say in order to promote understanding to an extent. My entire perception has altered to an extent by reading this, as it has achieved what its designed to do and exceeded all expectations, therefore I highly acclaim a skillful author.
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