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Finding Ultra by Rich Roll
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Jun 28, 2012

really liked it

Right around the time that Rich Roll was about to turn 4o, he took a good hard look at his life. Nearly 50 pounds overweight he wondered if this was his future... more and more tired, no energy and unable to climb a flight of stairs without stopping to catch his breath.

Rich describes himself as having a very addictive personality... he never did anything half way. If he sat his mind to something, he was going to do it... in his younger years he learned that the hard way when he decided if he was going to have one beer, he might as well have 10.... (but that is another story....)

Rich immediately took inventory on what he had been eating and how he had been washing his years. He changed his eating habits overnight, making all processed foods off limits and made plant nutrition and working out part of his daily plan. In a few months he had turned himself completely around, now fit and a drive that was unstoppable.

Finding Ultra is all about Rich's change in his eating and the way he thought about food and exercise. Once he conquered his eating habits, he then challenged himself by running and biking and eventually the Ultra Man World Championship Competition, which is by invite only, 320 miles of running, swimming, and biking.

Finding ultra takes you through Rich's life, his strong desire to succeed at a young age, to his fall into alcoholism and out again. Rich's story in one of never giving up on your dreams.

I really liked that this audio book was narrated by author Rich Roll himself. After all, who better to tell his story? Rich's narration of his life is well told, starting out wanting to be a swimmer even when his school did not have a swim team. What you learn quickly is once Rich sets his mind to doing something it more than likely is going to happen.

Rich lays it all on the line, leaving nothing back as he shares his battle with alcohol and what it cost him. I enjoyed most his story of how he became fit again, how he tossed out all foods that were processed from his diet and never looked back. In the very end chapters Rich goes into great detail about what he ate and how he prepared it, which I found very interesting. I even tried the coconut water which he swears by for putting electrolytes back into his body after a work out. He said to freeze it so during your work out you can drink it as it thaws.

Uh yeah... more power to you on that one Rich, I could not choke down the funny tasting coconut water.

I enjoyed this audio version of Rich's story and found it inspiring to see that is really is never too late to make positive changes in your life. I understand that what Rich did was extreme, but even small changes can make a difference. I picked up some good tips on ordering out and work out habits.
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