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Die Auserwählten by A.J. Kazinski
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Jun 28, 2012

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I spent a lot of the book thinking I already knew what was going on based on the explanation at the beginning of the book and the description of the death in China. It was annoying the characters didn't know what I did and it felt like a big waste of time for them to investigate. I mean probably 8 of the 12 CDs were pretty much useless and at times boring. There was so much unnecessary stuff about random people that did nothing for the plot of the story. Maybe it's a foreign language thing, people have different preferences in their writing in other places, like depressing endings in Asian movies.

Things finally got exciting toward the end of the book but nothing was explained and I didn't really like the perspective it seemed to be taking on righteousness. As I think about it more and take away my own beliefs it's more acceptable, but it still feels rather pointless. Why did they go through all that? I'd entirely forgotten the near death stuff from the beginning of the book and there didn't seem to be any reason for it, though maybe the author felt that strengthened the position of something greater than people. I think the random deaths with no physical murderer was a good enough reason to think there was something more out there. I just felt like the author was chickening out on an explanation, not being mysterious.

I just really did not like the idea that the only way not to die was to be evil or sacrifice your goodness. I think they misunderstood the story of Abraham's sacrifice, he wasn't doing something evil, he was being obedient to a commandment from God and he was stopped once his obedience was tested. The people dying weren't being told to do something bad, if anything they were compulsive about doing good. If one of the 35 before him had done evil would it have stopped the system? Would not giving money to the homeless man have been enough to save Tomasi or was his mom talking about paying for the bathroom which avoiding wouldn't have saved him anyway?

I don't think God would kill good people so he could destroy the world which is where they seemed to leave things. I'd spent most of the book thinking it was the devil doing it which made more sense with the pain and suffering and evilness. Kind of him striking out at the good people in an attempt to end the world.

I feel like a lot of cool ideas were introduced, but not finished. The near-death stuff got concluded (unnecessarily to me) but the system-Krypton-36-Rhodesia-God/devil stuff I felt was left under explained. I'd also have liked a bit more about Niels and his wife and what Hannah was going to do next.
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Martha Colburn Hunh? Now I'm totally confused! (but I'm only on the second disk).

Beckiezra Sorry, it's been so long since I listened to this book I can't remember much more than what I said in the review. :)

Martha Colburn Oh---it says August 2012. I thought it said 2014. Oops! I'll hang in there with the book and all shall be made plain.

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