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Chasing Magic by Stacia Kane
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Jun 27, 2012

really liked it
Read from June 27 to 28, 2012


Downside is as dangerous as ever - Lex and Bump are at war, people are being killed and there's a new player in town dealing drugs tainted with black magic. It's up to Chess and Terrible to investigate the tainted drugs that's causing it's users to go crazy.
There's a lot of good stuff in Chasing Magic but I didn't like it quite as much as Sacrificial Magic - which I absolutely adored.

-Thankfully, Terrible and Chess haven't turned into the one of those boring book couples like Cat/Bones, Mercy/Adam amd Sookie/Eric. They're still as engrossing as ever. I love how Terrible doesn't play games or hide what he's feeling when it comes to Chess - he's upfront about how much she means to him. It's refreshing to read a UF hero who's as open and honest as Terrible. One particular scene where Terrible confesses exactly how far he'd go to be with Chess nearly had me in tears. It was without a doubt the most swoonworthy confession ever, when other heroes talk about their love for their heroines I usually find it sweet but I don't really believe in what they are saying..but with Terrible I really believed what he said and I could actually feel how much he loved Chess..sigh..it was perfect. There was a scene though where my love for Terrible crumbled.

-The sex scene between Terrible and Chess made me very uncomfortable - I found it a bit rapey and unhealthy. I know Terrible was at breaking point but that (in my eyes) no way excuses him of his rough treatment of Chess. He knew that Chess was abused as a child so for him to be so forceful and insensitive was pretty disgusting. Chess is scared but also enjoys it - which I noticed was how she described how she felt when she was abused as a child. The whole thing just lowered my opinion of Terrible.

-The situation between Lex/Terrible/Chess is much more complicated since Lex's father died leaving Lex to take charge of his half of Downside. I didn't blame Lex for hiring someone to kill Terrible - it was business and with Terrible out of the way Bump's Downside empire would no doubt fall which would give Lex the opportunity to take over all of Downside. I have to admire Lex's intelligence, ruthlessness and determination - he used Chess even though he seems to genuinely care about her to win his war against Terrible and Bump. I was actually fairly suprised that Lex offered Terrible a job in order to avoid killing him. After Terrible almost killed Lex, I would have expected Lex to show no mercy but because of his friendship with Chess he obviously swallowed his pride and tried to make peace with Terrible.

-I don't know why but I get irrationlly happy whenever Bump refers to himself in third person. I love Bump's back and forth with Chess, I think he has a very, very small soft spot for her. Chess's descriptions of the way Bump's dresses is hilarious - for some reason I always picture him with a tacky gold crown on his head.

-I wasn't pleased that Blue was barely in it - I was hoping to see a little bit of girly bonding. I really want Chess to have other important people in her life apart from Terrible, it's sad that she only feels good about herself when she's around Terrible. I think it's rubbish that she's never loved anyone except Terrible.

-At first I was confused by Chess's increase in drug use but looking back it made sense because of all the troubles she was going through with Elder Griffin. Chess just can't cope with bad (and most good) feelings so she turns to drugs to block everything out. I think Chess will be more careful in the future after the overdose but I'm doubtful that she'll ever give up the drugs completely.

-I hope Elder Griffin and Chess manage to make amends, I was glad he didn't report her to the Church but it was sad that he turned down his promotion because he felt he was no longer worthy. I think there'll have to be something big to happen that will make Elder Griffin forgive Chess.

-I couldn't stop laughing when I read that Triumph City's baseball team was called the Elders, I'm quietly confident that there's probably a team called the Goody's.

-I was disappointed that there was no Church case Chess was investigating - I don't count the one at the very beginning. On the other hand it did mean there was more Terrible, Bump and Lex. I do think that the amount of black magic/ghost business that's occured in Downside over a period of 8 months is a bit much. It seems unlikely that the amount of black magic involved in Downside only started 8 months ago..What did they do before Chess?

-I hope in future books that there's more focus on the City and Chess's fear of it rather than ghostly going on's in Downside. I'd also like to see someone from Chess's childhood make an appearance - not necessarily someone bad, but maybe one of the foster parents that treated her well.
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Tami Love this review! I pretty much feel the same way, and said a lot of the same things.. Even though I'm LOVING the series and enjoying every minute of it, I'm getting burnt out on the 'Chess saves the city' by herself thing. Always so much going on, and oddly no other witches who aren't involved in the problems, are noticing anything. Seems unlikely to me. I really think that at least one more Church witch needs to be dragged into things.

Ferdy Thanks Tami:)
I think that Chess being the only Church witch from a bad background is BS. We're told that loads of kids lost their parents in Haunted week and that the Church tested everyone they could at age 15 so surely they must have been a few others in foster homes that would have qualified. I hope there's no more Downside investigations going on in future books because I don't think I'd buy anymore ghostly/black magic murders happening in Downside. And you'd think that the amount of powerful spells and weird magic going on would have got some attention from the Church.
I think it'd be good if there was another Church witch that hung aroung Downside and that could maybe help Chess or vice versa when they need to do something that the Church wouldn't approve of.

Tami Yeah totally.. OR, maybe Bump broadens his Horizons and moves into new territory and ends up having problems there and needs Chess's help. And she could meet said witch at this new location. OR maybe the Church is having a hard time solving a case somewhere else and has to send her away for a couple weeks to help out. SOMETHING needs to change... Have you read my review? It's pretty long. LOL...

Ferdy I just read it - I think we pretty much agree on the same things:)
Yea, I like the idea of Chess going somewhere else to solve a case..maybe not be around Terrible (as much as I love him) so much and find a kindred spirit who's also a Church witch. I also find it difficult to believe that Chess has only ever loved Terrible - I wish she'd at least have loving feelings for an old foster parent.
I just feel that the reason that Chess loves Terrible is not because of him per se but because he loves her so much and is there for her.. who wouldn't love a guy that's completely dedicated to them especially when they've never had anyone reliable in their life or anyone who's loved them.

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