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The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxset by Suzanne Collins
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Jun 27, 2012

it was amazing

By far the best series i've come across my life! The movie was great too, loved Jennifer Lawrence's portray of Katniss.

I have never came across such an interesting plot. When i picked up the first book of the series, I couldn't put it down until I finished it, and immediately knew I had to get the other 2 books thereafter.

My soul was completely with the book. Katniss' love for Prim- that she volunteered as tribute, her will to survive the Games, her emotions after what happened to Rue. I kept thinking what I would do if I were in her shoes, and how I couldn't possibly kill Peeta nor Rue if I had to be the only survival. Then I had to remind myself that I was merely a reader. It was THAT mind blowing!!!

Catching Fire was by far my favourite. The first third of the book was a bit drowny, the the good part was all worth waiting for. It was so well thought out and carefully planned, that it left me off the edge. It is so unpredictable, you will never know what comes next, and after you do, you'll be thinking "why didn't I think of that!?" AWESOME read. But it really boils down to personally preference because some of my friends and family preferred the first book to this.

Mockingjay was my least favourite of all. Katniss lost most of her will and wasn't herself, Peeta was completely brainwashed and hated Katniss. This made me sad because I really enjoyed the small bits of romance between the 2 of them a lot. The author only made it up on the last 2 pages of the book- of which 99% of the book was about Katniss being frustrated that Peeta wanted to kill her despite her knowing it wasn't his fault. And she didn't attempt to do anything to salvage the situation. I really didn't like Gale's selfishness either. Knowing he couldn't get Katniss, he left her in the dark.
This book was too dark to my liking- of which were Katniss being manipulated and weak, undetermined to fight for her people, and failing attempts after attempts. I felt that Mockingjay was too dark and gloomy, and I lost my excitement, it was a bad full-stop to this wonderful series.

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