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Such a Rush by Jennifer Echols
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Jun 26, 2012

it was amazing
Read in June, 2012

Okay, seems a bit dramatic doesn't it? Well things are dramatic when you're a teenager and I think Jennifer Echols catches that very well. I've only read Going Too Far by her before this and it's along the same vein as this one. Troubled, strong female MC. Sex isn't an issue, it's in the book. So be prepared along with some strong language and some pretty bad parenting and other things that people might object to. None of it is stuff that doesn't occur on the news nightly or isn't written in the papers. It's just that Jennifer Echols isn't afraid to write it down in a book about teens for teens. And I think she should.

Leah has been raised in trailer parks next to airports her entire life. So, at the age of 14 when they move to Heaven Beach, South Carolina, she ducks under the fence and gets a job at the airport. She watches the planes come and go. She listens to the old pilots shoot the breeze on the front porch of the small airport that doesn't even have a flight control tower. And she eats it up. It's about the only thing she's got going right in her life. And so what if she's got a huge crush on Mr. Hall's of Hall Aviation son, Grayson. Nothing will ever come of it. They don't know she exists. The boys don't. But Leah figures out how to get flying lessons from Mr. Hall and he takes her in as a daughter, his sons are too busy to come visit after the divorce. By the time Grayson, Alec and Leah are all 18 they have their commercial pilot's licences and plan to spend Spring Break and the summer flying banners for money for Hall Aviation. But bad things happen and those plans go down the drain.

Now, I'll say this about Jennifer Echols characters- they are complicated. I thought I had Leah figured out. She lived in a trailer and wanted to get out of it. But she wasn't going to be handed anything, she was going to earn it. And if people thought she had been handed something because she was sexy and knew how to use it, well they could think what they wanted to, she wasn't going to correct them. But Leah was also fierce to me. And I didn't expect her to take certain things that she did. I thought she acted a little out of character in certain parts of the book.

Grayson, he was exactly who I thought he would be. Cocky, self assured, good looking and always had to have everything his way. Alec, was probably the easiest to like because he wasn't in the picture that much. And Molly, well let's just say, I don't want a best friend, if that's what I have to have. They all seemed to be good and wholesome and caring, but Leah just didn't see them for who they really were. She never let her own feelings out. She had a crappy mother who was always leaving her. She rarely had food. She didn't have a car to get food. No one ever offered to take her to get food and she never asked. Her reasons were stupid.

But you know what, I loved this book. For all the flawed characters, I still loved the book and I will buy my own copy. I stayed up all night with a bad eye to read this one. I guess it was because the characters didn't fit a mold. They changed up when I thought I knew them. And I had to think about them for a few days before I could even write this review. They're still swimming around in my head. I really loved this book!

It's definitely for older teens. It contains, strong language, sex, drugs, drinking, and other suggestive things regarding sex. I can't say what age, my teen is old enough for it. Use your best judgement.

I did read the ARC of this book supplied by Southern Book Bloggers ARC Tours. I was not compensated for this review.

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