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Keep Holding On by Susane Colasanti
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Jun 26, 2012

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I don’t know if this book making me feel so much is a good thing or a bad thing. Because if her quoting Buddha is right and WE ARE WHAT WE THINK, then her life is in the crapper… especially as we go through every excruciating thing happening to her, done to her, and not being done for her.

All those bits had me in tears. It’s sad, in fact, at points too sad that I had to bust out in one (or two) ugly cry jags… but then there’d also be those moments of the same girl side stepping into the realm of whiny angst teen girl.

Don’t get me wrong, if anyone’s got a right to complain, Noelle is it. But there was an uncomfortable gaping divide between the girl to whom everything and anything bad did happen versus the girl who’s perfectly aware of what she doesn’t have then acts sees things in a way that’s a little like how mother would… all painfully vitriolic, you know? So where her suffering got to me; her inability to do anything but take, take and take, as well as to make comparisons about where she was, what she had as opposed to where others were and what they had, held me back from her a little.

A lot of crap is done to the girl, and there’s a lot of questionable things she does, too. So even if that ending’s had me releasing one big sigh of relief on her behalf, it felt slightly inaccurate for me. Yet, perhaps I ought not complain too loudly over how good finally a couple of them proved themselves to be. It’s just that her uttering a certain phrase (view spoiler) felt like it took away from what she did, and from all her that talk on being Done. Still, I shouldn’t complain too loudly, simply because everything else considered, there had to be some positivity in this, right? OK. I’ll go with that.

Keep Holding On is issue heavy, making it emotion heavy. Sometimes things rang true; other times, things felt too smooshed together, in a “since I’ve thrown that in, I might as well throw this in for good measure” way . But what’s there to say a bout a book that’s got me feeling way too much? Me beginning with an ‘I don’t know if this book making me feel so much is a good thing or a bad thing, ’ right now, I’m veering toward the positive.

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