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Goth Craft by Raven Digitalis
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Oct 18, 2008

really liked it
Recommended for: Goths
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It is so hard being a "goth". On one hand, you have people telling you what is goth, and on the other, people tell you what isn't...if a rule book could be made, it would become obsolete, as the subculture really shouldn't be about rules either. This book could have been something dreadful, it could have been full of the pretension and hypcrotical whining that writer Jhonen Vasquez potrays in his stereotypical goth characters (see Johnny the Homicidal Maniac for details). Instead, it became a light-hearted, and well-intentioned guide for people with one foot in gothic subculture, and another in the world of paganism and the occult.

The two often go hand in hand, sometimes for the wrong reasons, and sometimes for the right. Raven, himself a goth, and a pagan, has written a book to show how the two can go together very well. He spends a part of the book expaining the gothic subculture in the way he sees it (as many goths have slightly varying views) and explaining some of the gothic styles, types and attitudes. But he also goes on to explain various pagan religions and beliefs, which made a very interesting read for me, as both a goth, and as a person with agnostic but pagan leanings.

I can't say I agree with all of his religious views, as thats just how I am, but it made for a delightful and enlightening read all the same. And as for the sections that related more to the slightly more material gothic subculture, well, it was a real fresh of breath air to read someone encouraging goths to be happy and be their own person, and that it doesn't matter if they wear colours and glitter, as there is a place for that in the world of goth also. It didn't make light of the slightly soppy aspects of the subculture, or bash emos and babybats. It also had a good dollop of humour, not taking oneself too seriously- something all goths need to do ;)
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