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A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin
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it was amazing
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Holy fuck. That gif is pretty much the epitome of how I felt throughout the entire book, which I only just finished about a hour ago, and I’m still flailing. Like. What even. Jon’s story line was still pretty much my favorite, and–gah, hold on, I’ve pulled up the character list so I can remember everything. Okay, so, we started with Chett, very cool. Sam’s story line was amazing; I loved watching him struggle through the wilderness beyond the Wall with Gilly, running from the Others, and oh Grenn, I just love the Watch, okay. Mormont’s death was a blow; I actually cried, I couldn’t even believe it. And, oh, when Sam found Bran and everyone in the castle, I was freaking out. That moment when Sam held out his hand to Summer because he wasn’t afraid BECAUSE GHOST, I cried again. The Reeds are still probably some of my favorite secondary characters, and I’ll be so pissed if they get hurt. All of my favorite secondaries seem to die right after we meet them. Qhorin Halfhand, Jaqen H'ghar (who, yeah, he’s not dead, but he’s not Jaqen anymore, and now he’s gone), Prince Oberyn the Red Viper. At least I’ve still got the Reeds and Podrick Payne. SPEAKING OF KING’S LANDING. I never though I would admit to this, but aye, I think I’m a Jaime fan, officially. I mean, it was because of Brienne at the beginning, because BRIENNE OF TARTH, THE MOST AMAZING FLAWLESS WOMAN IN THE WORLD EVERYBODY, and I was just so happy when he started calling her Brienne and not wench, and then he went back for her, and then he gave her the sword and released her, and then he helped Tyrion. After that, I just committed myself to his team. Tyrion is still one of my favorites, though I was really rather shocked that he actually did kill Joffrey. I still loathe Cersei with every cell of my being. Sansa just–she breaks my heart, at every turn. Everything–gods, I just love her. Her and Arya; I’m so happy Arya is going to Braavos, I just want her to find Jaqen and for things to have some semblance of normalcy and okayness, though I’m going to miss Gendry so much. Speaking of, I dig Lord Beric and the brotherhood; they’re pretty damn cool. Bran, Bran, Bran. I love when he slips into Summer, and when he did it to help Jon, oh man. These direwolves, they will honestly be the death of me. Like last night, I was sobbing two pages before Ghost’s return simply because Jon was beyond the Wall, and I thought their reunion might happen then. Jon is still my favorite character, Ghost is still my favorite direwolf, and I will love them until the end of time. Stannis is still my favorite Baratheon, I still despise Melisandre, and I am going to just lie down and give my everything to Davos Seaworth because he is fucking flawless. I can’t remember a lot of Daenerys’ story line, though the most recent stuff I read was with Ser Jorah being banished (asshat, that’s what you deserve), Selmy revealing himself (AL;DKJFA;LKDJF FUCKING YES), and her taking all the cities. And then Cat and Robb. I don’t even–I can’t–yeah. If I hear one more description of Grey Wind’s head being sewn onto Robb’s body, I’m going to flip out. I cry literally everytime someone mentions Grey Wind or Robb, even Catelyn. It just–it destroyed me, especially with that epilogue.

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