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Savannah Breeze by Mary Kay Andrews
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it was ok

Oh my word, y'all, this book is absolutely ludicrous. Nothing seemed plausible, and the characters just kept making the same ridiculous, reckless decisions over and over again. Seriously, I've seen more realistic plotlines and character depth in a Bugs Bunny cartoon. But hey, if you are in a dark place right now (who isn't these days?) and need some Cheetos for the brain, this book is it! I'm giving it two stars because the dialogue was, at times, a little funny.

Here's where I ran into some problems: Why would a successful woman with multiple businesses and ex husbands so easily fall victim to a sketchy conman? I get it, she was drunk and depressed about her many first-world problems, but why oh why did she sign her entire life away without reading the fine print??? I'm not legal eagle, but don't these types of documents need to be notarized? I mean, dammit Bebe! Don't you have any female intuition whatsoever???

Then there's the pitiful attempt at romantic tension between our clueless BeBe and her roach motel caretaker Harry. I get that you need friction to start a spark, but these two loathed each other until the very end when the flip suddenly switched. I'm sorry, but I would write that man off the second he said "F**ck you, woman!" What a gentleman. Clearly Bebe has a type.

Then there's a wise-cracking, zany ol' grandfather thrown into the mix. Why? Because these cliched sidekicks are like catnip for fans of this sub-genre of chick lit cheese. Janet Evanovich fans, eat your hearts out. I'm sorry, but I have a hard time believing a man in his upper 80s would know the word "bootyliscious."

My biggest question is why oh why is this book so long? I mean, it's a dang tome! Perhaps I would have enjoyed it more if 300 pages were trimmed out, leaving just a short, punchy novella. The buildup to the big boat heist in Florida took FOREVER. My brain must have drifted elsewhere when it was suddenly resolved and BeBe and her gang of vigilantes were back at the Savannah Breeze inn. I could've rewound the audiobook, but at that point, I was tired and just didn't care.

Perhaps I should've aborted this ridiculousness after the first chapter, but oh well. I needed something light and fluffy and boy did this book deliver.


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