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The Face Of Deception by Iris Johansen
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Jun 25, 2012

it was ok
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I suppose it's unfair to read this book after galloping through 3 Harry Bosch books by Michael Connelly, but it just didn't even start to do it for me. Really surprised it's rated so high.

I lasted maybe 15 minutes on a download. Slow-moving, tedious with in-your-face hints,clues, and statements that Something Terrible happened to heroine's young daughter, that her mother is an addict gone straight and then TA-DA! a rugged, incredibly handsome male appears.

The whole thing shrieked romance novel with mystery overtones. I'd rather get Bosch #7 and I'm on the on-line waiting list. (I just downloaded The Bosch Box which is #8-11 all at one swoop.)

Oh, well.
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message 1: by Bob (new) - rated it 4 stars

Bob Clarkson Bosch is one of my favorite characters. Over the top cop, but a likeable character with all of his faults. Unless you are familiar with both writers, most people would find it wrenching to switch between authors. At the very least, you would have to insert of of the Jonathan Kellerman novels betwixt the two to ease the transition. If you dropped the novels, because of the first 15 minutes, you don't know about the book at all. It may have shrieked of Romance novel (that's where Johannsen earned her chops, starting out), it's only romance because of Eve's love for Bonnie. The relationship with Quinn is a long and torturous one. Eve
takes a long time to come close to reciprocate Quinn's feelings for her. It doesn't come over the course of just one book. At 67, I've read close to 17,000 books (20-30 each month). I never took a speed reading course, but read for fun at about 600wpm. I thank God for this gift. When I was a youngster this gift took me to England, France, Russia and other countries. It took me back in time and forward in time. It took me all across the United States, through big cities and small villages. As an adult, I've visited many of those places and found that I enjoyed a sense of deja vu because of the accuracy of the books I have read.

Lynn Pribus Guess I should give her another chance. Just finished the new LeCarre and any author following him has big reading shoes to fill....

message 3: by Bob (new) - rated it 4 stars

Bob Clarkson You are an "adventurous" reader. You might want to ease back in to Ms. Johannson's works by first reading one of the Alex Delaware series by Jonathan Kellerman.

This is fantastic. A much quicker response than I get on email to a friend.

Lynn Pribus I've read many of Kellerman's books. Also his wife's. Just finished THE LION by DeMille -- a paperback I picked up at the swap table at the gym and perfect for a plane ride and visit to Chicago. Listening to a couple others on iPod and CD.

So boring to just read one at a time..

message 5: by Bob (new) - rated it 4 stars

Bob Clarkson With my Nook with the Kindle app added (plus the Overdrive app to get ebooks from my library), I never have just one book going at a time - it's simply what mood I'm in at the time. I often find I get into a book and read it straight through, but when the book is ended I always have at least one already started.

Right now I have a Zane Grey Omnibus collection, an apoctalyptic book and a free ebook that is young adult/mildly paranormal adventurous romance all going.

Lynn Pribus Just finishing a non-Bosch Connelly called VOID MOON. An audio from library. The evil guy is really evil so there is more gore than I like, but still in all, a decent listen.

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