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The Pirate Hunter by Jennifer Ashley
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This was just so good. I loved the characters, I love the story line, I loved writing style of JA. Really intelligent story telling, with palatable emotion and image evoking scenes. James was introduced in the first book as Viscount Stoke's once partner turned ruthless enemy. He was fairly brutal in that one. Not sure I could make the jump from that character to the character in this one. But honestly, it ceased to matter as I got into the book. This one was more serious than the first, missing the chaos and endearing reactions of Alexandra. Diana was more the battered widow and almost outcast of the hypocritical English ton. She was also the "that which does not kill me, makes me stronger" heroine, capable and formidable in her own right. The sparks between James and Diana were immediate. I love how she was forever throwing things at him. I loved more, that he loved that about her. I am not much of a fan of Southern men, (sorry), but for James, I would make an exception. He was ruthless in more ways then just an outlawed vigilante of the high seas. Also, I found his habit of not wearing shirt and just the waist coats kind of hot. The vivid description of the passion between the main characters (in and out of the bedroom) was addicting. The secondary characters were well crafted and held important rolls to the story, not just floating in and out to add color. And the characters from the first book were brought back to play significant rolls as well. Love when authors do that.

I noted one review saying that although the reader liked the book, it wasn't as good as her other series. If that's true, I can't wait to start them, because to me, this is pretty damn good. There is a third to the series, but it hasn't been released digitally yet. Worse, the release is only a matter of weeks so I can't decide if I should track down the paperback, no longer in publication, or wait for the release which JA is currently revising, according to her blog. I got a tease of the third and now I am having a hard time moving to something new. Thankfully, she has a fairly large library, with quite a few under different pen names. Can't think of anyone I wouldn't recommend this to.

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