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Blue by Lou Aronica
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Jun 24, 2012

really liked it
Read from June 24 to 28, 2012

I almost gave this one 5 stars, so maybe it is really 4.5 stars.

This novel was absolutely beautiful to me. It dealt with so many real world issues that people struggle with from day to day, while injecting in an entire fantasy plot. Some of the issues Lou Aronica delves into are divorce and its effects on everyone involved, father daughter relationships, terminal illness, grief, dating after divorce, adolescent friendships and so much more. This novel tells the story of Chris and his daughter Becky who have been having a hard time in their relationship with each other recently. Becky's parents have been divorced for 4 years and her mother has remarried Al who is a carefree and goofy guy. When things seem to be at their worst between Becky and Chris, she discovers that she can travel to and from the fantasy world "Tamarisk" that they have invented when Becky was younger.

As Becky begins to convince her father that Tamarisk is real and he struggles with whether to believe her, Tamarisk itself is in real trouble. The queen of Tamarisk, Miea, has learned that a blight on the local vegetation is beginning to take hold of her kingdom and that it could threaten their survival. Joining forces with Chris and Becky, the three of them embark on a mission of trying to save Tamarisk and rid the land of the pestilence.

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I didn't have many complaints about this novel, but just two I want to mention here. The ending did start off very slow and was a little difficult to get in to. I stuck with it though and was glad that I did. After reading the entire novel I realized that the whole plot wouldn't have been as relevant without all of the slow beginning chapters. My other issue was that there really was no climax. We of course learn about the cause of the blight and how the characters can live happily ever after, but I was expecting more adventure to be had while Becky and Chris were in Tamarisk.

I also wanted to comment on how much I LOVED the details and descriptions given about Tamarisk! Everything was so unique and strange that it really made it feel like a world created from imagination. On that note, I think some who read this book may interpret it that Tamarisk really isn't real, and that it was a joint-delusion brought on by circumstances, as Polly believes in the novel. I found that very interesting and I appreciated it being a topic that could be debated. The author left the reader to form their own opinions about who or what Gage is, the character who makes some appearances giving sage advice and offering gifts. I gathered that the world of Tamarisk and the extent of imagination was a "gift" from Gage to bring father and daughter together, which is why some might take that to mean the it truly was all just imagination fueled visions. You decide!!

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This book made me cry, which is rare. I cry all the time in movies, but not often while reading. The story and the characters were so heartwarming and relatable. I would recommend this to any age group. I would love to know other people's interpretations after reading this as well!

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