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Raised Right by Alisa Harris
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Jun 23, 2012

it was amazing
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Another kinda-sorta, not-really review.

Alisa Harris was raised with super Right Wing Christian Conservative Republicans. She picketed abortion clinics, she worked to get Republicans elected, and in the process, she believed that the only God-approved leaders were those under the Republican ballot.

Things quickly changed once she reached college and began to meet the "Other People": Christians who were Democrats, supporting Hillary Clinton, crisis pregnancy workers who were pro-choice, and so on. Alisa had to learn how to reconcile these new facts with the ones she was raised.

One of the biggest reasons I like this book so much is because its message is close to my heart. Yes, the writing is superb, and I love how each chapter focuses on one aspect of the Christian Conservative Republican culture and then how Alisa's opinion changed. But what I love is how Alisa's life imitates my own. No, my parents never picketed abortion clinics, but a lot of the things she believed as a teen, I did. And now that I've grown up, I've found my beliefs wildly changing. And I wonder, "Have I disappointed my parents? What did they teach me that I've held onto?"

I think this is a great "bridging" book. Harris doesn't try to prove either party to be "Right" or "less evil"; I feel her goal is more to unite both Democrats and Republicans. We don't have to hate each other over silly politics; we could unite to do good in the world, to make an impact on the poor and helpless instead of fighting over a woman's Right to Choose (and choosing to honor her baby's life more than her own life) or fighting over who gets tax cuts. A good, insightful read; I'm probably going to try to buy my own copy in the future.
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06/23/2012 page 25
10.0% ""...I think a political act can't be an act of love. It can be a good act, even noble and heroic, but love is not something that takes place behind a barricade; it happens in the breaking of bread and the passing of cups.""
06/24/2012 page 59
25.0% ""For once, I wanted just to care about people as people--not as enemy combatants, potential converts, or notches in my holy belt of truth.""
06/24/2012 page 77
32.0% "How am I supposed to put this down and get to bed? I want to post the entire book for a quote."
06/24/2012 page 88
37.0% ""Both missed the point, which is that the Bible is neither an 18th century nor a 21st century policy text book...America is not a 'uniquely Christian' nation, and it never was."" 2 comments
06/24/2012 page 136
57.0% ""I wanted to be taken seriously as a three-dimensional person--a real human being with a story and with nuanced thoughts, not a faceless caricature they could bat around.""
06/24/2012 page 139
58.0% ""The nicer posts said I needed prayer and older, wiser Christians 'who can speak into her life before she falls deeper into what truly is error'." what @ssholes!! What arrogant selfish pricks, for condemning a young woman like that for daring to stand up for her rights!! (And oh, does it bring back memories!)"
06/24/2012 page 173
72.0% ""Some pro-lifers are blind to the fact that in the battle to defend the value of unborn life, they sometimes devalue the lives of the already born...They deemed the health and lives of women expendable, acceptable sacrifices in achieving the goal of preventing even one abortion.""
06/25/2012 page 210
88.0% ""Yes, our primary job as Christians is to love people, and we can't love from behind a barricade. But we have other God-given responsibilities too--to fight against those who make unjust decrees, rob the needy, and deprive the poor of their rights."" 6 comments

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