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Thaw by Bryan Dunn
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Jun 23, 2012

liked it

Let me clarify right off the bat: this is not sophisticated literature. It's a bit cheesy. The dialogue - as others have mentioned - lacks finesse. The characters lack depth. And truthfully, the one thing that occurred throughout the book that bothered me more than anything else was the POV-jumping. One paragraph you'd be right there with the male hero and in the next paragraph you'd be with the female and in the next paragraph you're with someone else. This can be quite jarring.

Those things aside, it's a good book. Because let me be honest: sometimes I'm not in the mood for sophisticated literature. Sometimes I have five minutes to read and I want something light-hearted and funny and just distracting enough. It took me about a month to read Thaw, while it was in a rotation of about five or six other books, and sometimes this was just what I needed... like when it was really late at night and I was exhausted and I should have just gone to sleep but I *have* to read first. I don't normally read paranormal novels - science fiction doesn't interest me when real life is so fascinating. But I did enjoy this one. The plot twists in the last quarter of the book make this story ripe for the screen.

I recommend this book *if* you can set your expectations for light-hearted entertainment that's slightly cheesy. At the root of this book is a really good plot and a story worth reading.

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