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Ashes to Ashes and Cinder to Cinder by Cameron Jace
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Jun 23, 2012

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Actual rating 3.5 stars.

I promised myself not to write any full reviews until I'm finished with my exam but

and I can't hold on to them anymore.

So, somehow I decided to start with prequel #2 because I was very sure I wouldn't like Snow White Blood Red after reading Karen's review. But then I noticed that I've added the first full book of the series Snow White Sorrow in my TBR list so I thought, maybe I should just jump straight to the second prequel since the blurb doesn't sound alike to the first prequel.

It started off bumpy at first. While it is a novella, after a quarter through the prequel, I was very tempted to shelve it as DNF. It was getting unbelievably ridiculous at that point.

The protag's name is Alice. Her colleague/friend's name is Bella. Wow, the pun was very much intended. Later, I found out that Alice is actually Alice Grimm, the descendant of brothers Grimm and she is also Alice in (wait for it) Wonderland. Oh well, so her name meant to be Alice. But naming her colleague/friend's name as Bella is totally unnecessary!

And a hot guy as Bella put it enters the picture.

And guess what?

His name is Loki. (If you read Snow White Sorrow's blurb, you would guess it right away but somehow I missed it. Sheesh)

And then follows by a line like this, "Shouldn't a Loki have black hair?" said Alice.

"That's like saying shouldn't every hulk green?" replied Bella.

Wait, WHAT???!!! What kind of analogy is that?

Check this one out, this is the most memorable quote so far.
"I tried to, believe me. Every time I watched the lies. I couldn't bring myself to it. I prefer Edward and Bella. At least they are absolutely ridiculous lies we can love."

NO. JUST NO. When it comes to Twilight, ridiculous YES, we can love NO.

Honestly Cameron Jace...you just about to launch your career. Why would you want to ruin it by making all these references to Twilight. Twilight is like a 'taboo' in today's literature, it'll evoke strong reactions. If I really hate Twilight, I'd avoid this book like a plaque, fortunately I'm not (which I'm not proud of). Not to say that hardcore Twilight fans will appreciate these kind of references because check this quote out;

"And by the way, did Edward and Jacob ever make out in that movie?"

*Epic facepalm*

At one point, the spelling mistakes (I wasn't bothered much by the grammar mistakes since I'm never a grammar Nazi myself) got unbearable, so I went to the author's blog to see if he got any explanation for this error. Well, turned out he was unable to hire an editor during publication of this novella. Hmm...I guess it's fine then. I also found out that the edited and revised version of the first two prequels have been updated on Amazon.

Then, I found out that Ashes to Ashes and Cinder to Cinder will no longer be prequel #2...


Needless to say, I wasn't happy so I continued anyway because the author sounded very genuine on his blog.

Well, I'm glad I did because the novella gets better after halfway through. Some things still didn't make sense but I iz satisfied overall nonetheless.
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35.0% "Huh...surprise surprise. I need to read every single post in the author's blog to find out the backstory of the prequels and here I thought prequel functions to provide backstory. And now she can't even decide the proper order of her prequels. Dear Cameron Jace, your books aren't ready yet so why...
Ughh...forget it."

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message 1: by Norain (new)

Norain Why Alice? Alice was written by Lewis Carroll and not one of the Grimm brothers' fairy tales. Duh! I don't like it.

Zuleeza Norain MT wrote: "Why Alice? Alice was written by Lewis Carroll and not one of the Grimm brothers' fairy tales. Duh! I don't like it."

Yea, I know. The whole story is a mega mash-up between almost ALL fairy tales characters. In prequel #3, it focuses on Peter Pan story which again wasn't written by the Grimm brothers.

I'd still read the series since I want to see how the author would portray the interaction between these characters :)

message 3: by Norain (new)

Norain And Bella and cronies were included? Eh!

Zuleeza Aaa..nope. Gee...my review was that confusing? Sorry about that. Heheh.

Bella in this novella is not that Bella. Edward and Jacob were mentioned as reference to Twilight.

message 5: by Norain (new)

Norain It seemed that Bella in this story was written with that Bella in mind, or there won't be reference to Edward and Jacob, no? As you said anti-Twilight-or-anything-related -with-it, as in me, will find such analogy repellent.

Zuleeza Haha...if he did have that Bella in mind, I'd feel sorry for the author because he shouldn't have relied on cheap trick like that since for me, he do have some potentials.

message 7: by Norain (new)

Norain You seem to like fairy tale retelling. You definitely should read Cinder. I think you will like it.

Zuleeza I have it on my shelf actually!!! But I'm always stuck reading books loaned from the library :/

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