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Deadly Descendant by Jenna Black
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Jun 23, 2012

really liked it
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I don't know how she did it but every book wrote by Jenna Black I ever read were a page-tuner. As well as this one. When I looked at the page number I was already at page 70.

I first read Dark Descendant, the first book of this series, last month. I almost went berserk when my local book store didn't have this book at the store I decided to order it online for it was faster. While I was reading the first book I couldn't wait to know who would be Nikki's love interest I had to google it. (never did that before and won't do it again.) Turned out it was Jamaal. If I didn't know that I would have thought it was Anderson. I think Anderson might have feelings for Nikki. Or at least started to. He even admitted that he liked her. Maybe as a friend or a favorite employee. Since she was the one who found his wife after a decade. He must be really grateful. Until that bitch wife of his started to speak or in her case, yell again. I knew she has been through a lot, but it wasn't an excuse to act like a total bitch. I wonder if she knew Anderson wasn't a Liberi but a god, she still being like that. She might get angrier because her husband has a power to kill immortal but won't use it to avenge her.

Back to Nikki and Jamaal. I knew that Jamaal will be the guy but since when Nikki got attracked to Jamaal. I don't remember she mention that in the previous book. Anyway, two kisses and an almost second base weren't enough. Apparently Jamaal attracked to Nikki but he won't talk about it. What a stubborn tight-lipped guy. I hope Nikki conners him and gets him to talk in the next book.

One more thing, since Jack was a descendant of Loki, he looked exactly like Tom Hiddleton in my head. :D

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