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On Demon Wings by Karina Halle
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Jun 23, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: paranormal, 2012-read, romantic-suspense

God I don’t even know how to start this. On Demon Wings took this series to another level.

Karina, girl… you’re really good, you know!? I mean in each book you surprises me even more. This is a series, but each book is very different from each other. Always something new happening, so we never know what’s next, everything is unpredictable and I love this so much! To be able to end a book and just think “what the hell!? or OMG what now!?” Perry and Dex really got under my skin and I’m definitely going to miss them terrible until the next one.

So what about this book?! After what happened in the end of “Lying Season” Perry is broken, but that girl is strong, she’s trying to move one. So she gets a new job, make new friends and are even trying to mend her relationship with her parents. But if Perry thought her life would get better, poor girls, she was so wrong about it. Well in this book Perry has to fight against things more danger and now apparently she has new enemies, people she never thought she would have to fight against, then again her life is full of surprises.

Man this book is heavy! It’s weird because I do believe in ghosts, I’m sure about them, don’t ask me why, but I do. Not that I have contact with them, thank God no, but… well anyway the thing is, books and movies about ghosts don’t scary me that much, but possession?! This is another thing. And I believe in this too. Not demons, of course not, but evil ghosts that possess week and vulnerable humans, I do believe. And this is scary, it’s very scary actually. This book wasn’t so easy for me to read as were the others. Then again, this is also a horror series, right?! We can’t forget this. So it was really great, and that’s because this was actually the first book in this series that really gave me the creeps. I think books in first person makes things more personal for us, so our feelings are more real, in movies is not really like that. So prepare yourself.

It was also so sad! SO SAD! This book really made me feel bad. Because when you put yourself in Perry’s shoes you start to wonder how she can still handle all this and you feel proud of her because she’s so strong. It’s heartbreaking because we can see that all her life was always bad and it just gets worse. Poor girl, she really needs a break, at least a few happiness moments you know!?

There is a missing part in this book too, something that made a big difference here. Dex is not in the book until almost the end. In this book I realized that I have a love and hate relationship with him. I mean, I was so mad with him, not just because of what he did in the end of book 4. But also because of book 3. But I missed him so badly in this book. He’s the only one who really gets her. So we miss him because he’s not there and because that part of Perry that belongs to him is missing too. He didn’t win me back yet but I can say that with the end of this book he took a few steps forward. It was good to see how far he was able to go to save her.

Max! what I jerk! Huh! (view spoiler)

Ada… oh boy! I loved that girl and especially in this book. What she did for Perry… I hope we’ll see more about little fifteen in the next books.

And oh yeah big revelations in the end too. Hah! You’re gonna love it.

So this book was great, I’m just not going to give it 5 stars because Dex was out almost the whole book and I missed him… but that’s the only reason, because really this book scared the hell out of me, and this is not something easy to happen.
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