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Bloodline by James Rollins
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Rollins is back and much better than ever!

Continuing the big "Echelon" story arc from The Doomsday Key and The Devil Colony, the True Bloodline at the very heart of the dreaded international terror group known as the Guild has been revealed to Sigma Force Director Painter Crowe. It's the family of sitting US President James T. Gant. At the end of the last novel, it appeared that the Gant family, including the President himself, was secretly evil. And, in between the usual historical prologue and Part 1, there is a brief section, taking place on the Fourth of July (five days after the major action starts), in which Gray Pierce appears to assassinate the President. At first, I was happy to see this, because I thought that Sigma had commanded Pierce to eliminate a corrupt leader. But there is much more to the story.

Out on the high seas, the President's daughter, Amanda Gant-Bennett, has been kidnapped by Somali pirates. But these are no ordinary pirates. They are led by a white British doctor. And the doctor wants her unborn baby son, because the son has a very unusual genetic mutation - triple-helical DNA. According to this doctor, the third helix holds the key to a popular human wish - immortality.

Reluctantly, Director Crowe sends out Pierce, Seichan, and Kowalski to rescue the First Daughter, along with former MP Tucker Wayne and his fearsome (and stolen) military dog, Kane. As you can expect, they kick ass and take names. Back home, Kat Bryant is sent to Charleston, SC, to the fertility clinic where Amanda was impregnated with her test-tube baby. What does all this mean? And more importantly, is the President part of the Guild/Echelon conspiracy? Or is he just an unwitting pawn?

The answers, I cannot reveal. But I will say that (view spoiler)

You will be shocked and awed by this novel, and not just by Sigma's operation which was classified as such by the President.
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Claudette I particularly liked reading the parts where Kane's was the POV. Tucker and Kane and the best new characters in this series and I'm sure we'll see more of them.

Ricky Yeah, I think so too. Maybe Tucker and Kane could even get their own spin-off series.

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