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Rise of the Elgen by Richard Paul Evans
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Jun 22, 2012

really liked it
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I liked this book, BUT, please note, don't read this book right before you are going to eat. There are some icky descriptions that totally grossed me out and made me loose my appetite! They did pertain to the story and plot and actually developed it, but it was still really gross and they are throughout the entire book. ewe. With that said, this is a 4½ star book for me.

I liked how the characters are developing and how they work together. The plot was also good. It's sorta like a Jame's Bond movie with teenagers starring in it.

They really need to make a movie out of this book! I've heard that many have been inquiring about the rights to this series from the author...

Also, it will be difficult to wait a ::whole:: year to hear what happens next. Richard Paul Evans, please write even faster than you already are! A whole year is faaaarrrrr too long to wait!

I have tons of other thoughts, but they contain spoilers and are mentioned below if you scroll. If you haven't read this, please skip these spoilers.

For spoilers, please scroll below:

Okay, I loved this book, but I have a few questions:

1. Once the main group (minus Michael) escapes the compound in Peru, how come Elgen didn't send out any guards to chase them in the jungle? I mean, the Elgen really would love to get their hands on all those people and have a serious interest in punishing them all for various reasons, it seemed weird that the Electroclan could just rest right by the pipe they escaped from. They sure had no problem sending 1,000+ guards out into the jungle to try and capture Michael when he escaped...

2. I would have liked to have seen more about Michael's magnetic powers. I don't feel like he was able to develop them very well and wondered how he made himself stick and unstick with the magnetism, which was huge in saving him since it bought him some valuable time when he was being lowered into the bowl (along with his friends sabatoging the water on the compound that effected the cooling). His powers just did what he needed them to and I had the feeling he truly had not fully understood them or perfected them.

3. I ::hate:: rats. They are so gross, so this really grossed me out in the book. So, how did they get the rats from the bowl to the hallway where the Electroclan were at? AND, how was Elgen planning on getting the hoards of rats back into the bowl after they attacked the Electroclan? Since the Elgen assumed the rats would prevail, they must have had a plan to get them back into the bowl - unless it was a emotional decision Hatch made out of desperation to beat Michael so badly. It was interesting to me that Hatch would take the risk of having the rats take over the entire plant for not having a way to harness them and get them back to their caged bowl. I guess psycho villains sometimes make emotional decisions in the heat of the moment when they are threatened or experiencing the fear of being compromised...

4. How the heck did they clean up all the fried rats? awk! AND how were there ::that:: many rats to still be in the bowl after the whole sprinkler incident in the hallway? Supposedly they had one million rats, but still, that had to have taken out a few hundred thousand rats for the hallway incident. ewe, gross. I can't even begin to imagine the smells... so gross. I'm assuming that they didn't clean up the fried rats, since the whole compound was going down, they probably abandoned it. It still grosses me out thinking about it.

Now for predictions/thoughts for the next book in the series:

I think the Amazon tribesmen will let Michael go. I don't think he will dwell with them forever in the jungle. I think they are just helping him, and if they want to keep him, he will still get away. I think he will be reunited with the Electroclan in book 3, but I think it may take a minute for him to get out of there. I also wonder if the Electroclan really got to their escape helicopters... we never heard a helicopter other than the four Elgen helicopters that were brought down. Hopefully the group is waiting for Michael and I would expect that Ian can see him and tell what is happening, so they can rescue him. Ostin prolly speaks Amazon tibestalk...

Hatch was more psycho/evil than ever, and I suspect he won't be caught by Michael for a long time - to keep the series going. What good is this series without a proper antagonist? I'm very curious to see what backlash the Board has for Hatch after having the Peru plant melt down due to Michael and his friends. I also wonder how successful Hatch will be when his unlimited supply of money runs out from his only source, the Board. Will the evil Electric kids still want to stick with him, even if he has no money since the Board will clearly not be backing him anymore? Money seems to have been the main motivation of the evil electric kids to stay with Hatch. They might stick with him, since he's such a wack-job with his mind control he has over them. It will be very interesting to see if the Board gets Hatch and has can discipline/kill him for what he has done... Obviously the Board will be seeking Hatch in the future books...

I'm hoping that the Electroclan will be able to meet the people behind "the Voice" after what they did to help them in this book (destroying the biggest plant the Elgen has, and discrediting them but ruining their newest business venture of cheap, rat power) - I think the Electroclan deserve to meet these people, especially since they aided their cause big time by bringing down Elgen. I'm very curious to see who this secret organization is and how they are funded. They apparently have an endless supply of money like the Elgen do. I also hope that the people behind "the Voice" get the Electroclan's families out of Meridian, ID and into some sort of witness protection program. Otherwise, I can see this series having the same plot over and over of trying to rescue various family members of the Electroclan.

I think there is a possibility that the Electroclan will become spies for "the Voice" and that they will be on a never-ending battle to catch Hatch and the evil Electric kids. I also think there is a strong possibility that Hatch will find another evil, villian organization to work for that will help him try to gain his goal of world power and dodge the wrath of the Board that he had worked for 20+ years, especially since the Board will want to totally kill him.

Last of all, I seem to vaguely remember it was mentioned that other Electric children exist in the world besides the kids created from the machine from Elgen in California. It will be very interesting to see their role in future books.

Awesome series!
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Karlan very good thoughts and questions. Do you think the description of lowering the bull into the bowl is okay for elementary students? Although some of the things kids see or hear about is worse. A great adventure and page turner. My question is just for fun, when Zeus sweats, isn't that like water on his body? Does that have the same affect? Just curious. I hate waiting a year to find out too!!!!!

Andrea Karlan, I have wondered if the audience for this book should be older. I will be reading this with Sam together, and he is ten and going into 5th grade. I do think it's scary and I have told Carson he wil have to be in 5th grade before I will let him begin this series. And GOOD question about Zeus sweating! You're totally right!

Karlan Andrea,
Let me know how Sam likes it. I agree with you. 5th grade and up I'd feel a little more comfortable. But, I'd like a parents perspective of their child's reaction. Glad I read it and then I can explain to my students and then let them decide or have their parent talk to me.

Melissa Karlan, my daughter LOVED it! She literally couldn't put it down. She's going into 6th grade. I haven't been able to read it because she's had it for a week and won't give it up. :) She can't wait for the next book. She mentioned some gross parts to me that sounded a little disturbing, but they didn't seem to bother her too much.

Karlan Thanks Melissa. So good to get a students perspective. I really did like it, but wanted to know how a younger person felt about a couple of places.

Alexandra That was long. I got confused for a second. Anyways good review. :)

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