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The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan
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Jun 22, 2012

it was amazing
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I'm definitely beyond excited for this book to come out! Like everyone else, I can't seem to wait for its release, so to sate my burning need, I went back and re-read all the books from The Lightning Thief to The Son of Neptune. Besides the fact that I can't seem to get over how much I fricking love Rick Riordan, I, like many of you, have some predictions as to what may happen in TMOA, as well as some comments to get you thinking about what is to come. So, if you care to read what I think, please, carry on. :D

1) Percy and Annabeth will be reunited, of course.

Well, that's that. On to other things.

2) Contrary to what most people think (and I guess we have the newly-released book cover to blame for this, at least partially), I don't think Jason and Percy will hate each other right off the bat. Yes, they are the leaders who represent the two factions of the gods which, as we all know, did not get along in the past, but we have to remember who we're dealing with: Percy Jackson and Jason Grace. The fact that the Greeks and Romans have been bitter enemies for millennia seems to affirm that our two heroes will hate each other right away, but we have to keep in mind that Jason and Percy are our heroes for a reason. If they were hot-headed and irrational enough as to start fighting the instant they meet, they would not be our heroes. On the contrary, I feel that at first, they will try to get along (after the mini-battle they have at the beginning of TMOA when the Romans think the Greeks are attacking). I think that Jason and Percy, who can now both relate to both the Roman and Greeks side, will try to be diplomatic with each other. Really, they'll have no reason not to be. I know what you're thinking: "If you're so convinced they'll be civilized, how do you explain the cover of TMOA where Jason and Percy are both clearly fighting, using their powers to the maximum?" My theory is this: Because Jason and Percy both possess immense power and leadership abilities, the two will start to clash when the matter of who gets to lead arises. They are both used to being in charge which will cause the opposition between the two. On top of that, Percy was named praetor when Jason, previous praetor who will probably want his position back, was on the verge of coming back to Camp Jupiter. Add all of that up and you've got yourself one son of Jupiter whose anger has been sparked and is therefore ready to knock the wind out of someone, and one son of Poseidon whose vexation has surged like a tidal wave and has made him willing to shake the earth. [If you got all of those allusions, Athena -- or maybe Minerva? -- would be proud of the both of us.]

Anyway, I think I've made my point clear with this topic, so let's move on, shall we? :D

3) I already know for sure that Annabeth will be one of the four demigods to have a point of view in TMOA, which seems to point in the direction that Annabeth is the seventh demigod of the prophecy. However, I've recently been pondering who will have the other points of view. My best guess is that two of the remaining three will belong to Percy and Jason, simply because they are the two main heroes of the story. It would make sense if their points of view were told. The fourth point of view is tricky, though, and I think the hardest to predict. If Riordan wished to balance the Greek and Roman points of view, he would have picked another Roman camper to have the last point of view. If he wished to balance even more, he would have chosen two girls and two guys, one of each gender from each camp (this would mean Hazel would be the last point of view). However, Riordan might not necessarily have been going for "balance." Riordan would have picked the characters whose stories need the most to be told. I feel like Frank's burning dilemma is important and will become increasingly so in the next few books, so it's possible he'll have the last point of view. To be honest, I really don't know. Maybe he'll surprise us (which wouldn't be a surprise, coming from him) and pick Reyna or Nico or somebody else completely random. With Riordan, expect the unexpected.

4) Something has happened with Athena -- something huge. On rickriordan.com, it says that in TMOA, Annabeth has received a gift from Athena and with it, a demand that says, "Follow the Mark of Athena. Avenge me." Avenge Athena? What could possibly have happened that Athena is directly requiring Annabeth to avenge her? The gods try to stay out of their children's affairs, so a request this huge and direct has to be a repercussion of something large. How will Annabeth handle it and how will it affect the other demigods and the quest? That, I don't know. I just know that Annabeth becomes a major player in this coming book as the title probably suggested.

5) Love triangles? I'm usually not a big fan of love triangles, but I guess we'll see what happens. The two main love triangles people are raving about are the Piper/Jason/Reyna love triangle and the Leo/Hazel/Frank love triangle. In my mind, I don't see either of these becoming too big of a plot driver or issue, as that would take away from the other aspects like the rise of Gaea, the closing of the Doors of Death, the feuding between the Greeks and Romans, etc. In regards to the Piper/Jason/Reyna triangle, I think Reyna will back off. It's clear in The Son of Neptune that she had at the very least some feelings for Jason, but Jason is pretty in love with Piper. Since he and Reyna never really had anything going on before he met Piper, I doubt Reyna will interfere TOO much with Piper and Jason's relationship. Yes, they have a lot of history together, but up until Jason's disappearance, nothing romantic occurred. Quite possibly, with a little more time, something would have happened. Unless Jason gets back to Camp Jupiter and realizes he loved Reyna before him met Piper, there relationship status should be pretty solid. I think Reyna will be jealous and hostile towards Piper (although just the fact that she's Greek could make Reyna resentful and belligerent), and we all know Piper doesn't easily back down to confrontation, so I suspect there'll be some animosity between the two, although I hope they get over it. I think Piper will at least try to get along with Reyna. Aphrodite specifically told Piper in the Lost Hero that she will be the key to peace or war between the Greeks and Romans. "When the two sides meet...you will be the mediator. You will determine whether there is friendship or bloodshed" (The Lost Hero, page 434). That'll make Piper think twice about battling it out with Reyna. As for Leo/Hazel/Frank, I can see this one being a little trickier. If Leo falls in love with Hazel, this'll create a problem. Leo already looks like Sammy, so that's where Hazel can potentially fall for Leo. However, if Leo doesn't end up falling for Hazel, this won't even happen, so I guess we'll have to see with that.

Well, those are my predictions for now. If I think of anything else, I'll update. Thanks for reading! :D
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Kanechroncilesrules I agree with every single one of your points. I don't think Leo will fall in love with Hazel. Naw. I imagine Leo being the single, guy-to-come-to-for-comical-relief. I cannot imagine Leo in a relationship with anyone (except me) JK! I'm too young for him anyway (just 5 years!) moving on. i think all the assured couples are Jason and Piper (you heard me, Reyna, hate ya), Percy and Annabeth (Duh!), Frank and Hazel (I waited the entire SoN for this, and you're not gonna screw it up, Leo.) and that it pretty much it. MAYBE NICO IS GONNA PLAY A BIG PART IN THIS BOOK! He is. I read it on Rick's blog. GO NICO!!!!! I've always liked him. He's been kinda my good luck charm. I was holding the Titan's Curse when i won the State Spelling Bee, and while I was holding the SoN, I got a 50 dollar bill for Christmas. He's just a cool character. Who else can bring zombies out of the ground (except Hades, since he is Nico's dad)

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