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Degrees of Wrong by Anna Scarlett
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Jun 22, 2012

it was amazing
Read on June 22, 2012

One of my favorite books this year! And considering Anna's YA title, Of Poseidon is up there too, that's saying a lot about how talented she is as a writer!! Here are some of the points from my review, which will be posted in full on release day. But if you're interested in helping out in Anna's Blog Tour for Degrees of Wrong, check out my blog on 6/24!!

After being tazed (which she is not happy about), kidnapped and drugged, Elyse finds herself being screamed at by some crazy drill sargent. For the exchange of her quiet life on the island, the preciding UN government will pay her, give her safe living quarters and unlimited resources - if she agrees to help them find the cure.

But she has more than just the cure to worry about. Her life is in danger and if she can't stay on her feet, she just may become concussed on the rock hard chest of her new Captain, Nicoli Marek. Ahh, Nicoli Marek, the young Captain is highly pursued by all the women on the ship but that's not surprising to Elyse; the man looks like a God. And boy was his chest warm! Alas, there's more than ONE huge obsticle in their way.

With sarcasm, quick wit and an impossible amount of will-power, Elyse will continue to navigate the waters of medicine, friendship and the feelings she has to fight for the impossible Captain who seems to have taken a liking to aggravating her.

Even if she finds the cure for the Black Death, will it save her from the pain of heartbreak or can the good Captain find a way - other than giving her enough morphine to make her a drooling fool for the rest of her life- to save her from the slow torture she's enduring because of him?

If you've read the WVMP series by Jeri Smith-Ready then you are no doubt a fan of Ciara Griffin, well I'm here to tell you that if you like Ciara you will LOVE Elyse. In the same way that she is sarcastic and hilarious, but also strong and morally upstanding, you may also find yourself thinking that you haven't seen a heroine quite as strong as Elyse since the last Victoria Dahl book you read. Yep. I'm going there. You guys know how much I love both Jeri and Victoria. Meet their love child, Anna Scarlett.

Degrees of Wrong happily deprived me of dinner, sleep and time with my husband. Love love love love love it. I promise, you will laugh out loud and fall in love over and over again!

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message 1: by Capillya (new)

Capillya Ooh! I just read about this one on Twitter and looked it up on GRs, happy to see you liked it! Sounds like a great book. =)

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