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Townie and the Twink by Daisy Harris
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I hate to say this..I really do….but I just didn’t like this one. Daisy Harris has continually won me over with her strong writing and her ability to make me care about her characters in a short amount of time. I’ve come to enjoy her gay romance novellas and have found that I don’t generally like that sub genre.

I think my main problem with Townie And The Twink was Nick’s completely delusional take on his sexuality. Nick spends a good chunk of the book saying things and then doing the complete opposite. Like he keeps saying he’s straight and then engaging in completely un-straight activities like….oral sex with Gabe. Cuddling with Gabe. Showering with Gabe. Touching Gabe. I could go on and on. It’s one thing to be first coming into your sexuality and realizing you’re gay. It’s a complete other to refuse to admit it even as you’re doing a dude. Had Nick not been participating in these activities I could have seen how he was trying to talk himself out of it. Not wanting to be different. Since in this novella he was an active participant it just made me not like him.

Gabe acted like Nick’s doormat for much of the book and that rubbed me the wrong way too. He knew Nick was gay even if Nick didn’t know it and he took it upon himself to try to get him to come out. It’s like he was asking to get hurt. Especially since Nick kept saying he wasn’t gay at all and guys routinely whack off together. Um no…Nick….just no. Gabe basically let himself be used as Nick experiment and I wanted him to balk at that idea. I wanted Gabe to stand up for himself as a proud gay man and not let himself be used like that. It just didn’t happen. There is a point in the book where Nick leaves Gabe sitting at a table to go hang with his straight friend John (who Nick is secretly in love with). Instead of Gabe standing up and bold declaring he won’t be treated like Nick’s bitch…he quietly took it and instead had tears in his eyes at the subtle betrayal. Tears are fine….but I wanted him to be strong too…and I didn’t get that.

I just didn’t connect with either character in Townie And The Twink. This one needed to be longer to delve more solidly into the transformation Nick goes through to embrace his sexuality and learning to love Gabe. It felt way to surface emotion for me and progressed way to quickly in light of Nick’s hedging and insistence that every guy does things with other guys…

I did enjoy returning back to the campus and hearing about past characters and what they are up to now. Even though I didn’t really get into this one it did keep me reading, maybe for the wrong reasons but still…and I will continue to read Harris’ work because to date she’s the only author to make me pick up a gay romance and not want to put it right back down.

Unfortunately I have to give Townie And The Twink by Daisy Harris 2.75 stars

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