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Hammered by Kevin Hearne
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Jun 22, 2012

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This is a very good book. The author has a very good way with words, even if those words can sometimes grow a bit overpopulated.

This series is very fun, with an engaging main character and interesting tidbits of mythology. Although sometimes the book suffers from a snapping of the suspension of disbelief, it is usually a well thought out, fairly logical plot.

However, this book did not live up to its brothers. I loved the book, but for the sudden advent of lovey-dovey drivel. It's off centre, doesn't fit with the book or the character as we've come to know him, and jars us off balance in a rather rapid movement.

The sudden addition of a character we've never heard of is not a good thing. And making out that the fun-loving player we know and love as our main character was suddenly honey-suckle drippingly in love with this new person throws you out of the story completely.

What's more, it's not just one or two sentences of this nonsense, it's paragraphs of the main character dwelling on how he was 'running from love' or some such nonsense. Poppycock! Complete and utter dribble put in there merely to distract you from the main plot, give the story bulk it doesn't need, and a subplot that doesn't fit. Possibly because the author and co. wanted to appease younger, more female audiences (No offence, females, I don't make the rules, just spout them).

What's more I have to listen to it about fifty times, and can tell the author is seeding it so he can use it later. Not cool in my opinion. I was having fun watching Atticus run up and down accidentally slaying things and getting in trouble. Now all I am is disappointed.

If it turns out the man finds love and ends up getting married, I think I may just shoot myself in the foot. Then I'll shoot you in the foot, Mister Hearne. If it turns out the whole thing was just a convenient way of getting the main character of the book out of a spot of trouble, then I think I may just use a harpoon.

I think the book was in great need of a very strenuous editor. As mentioned, the series suffers from suspension-of-disbelief-nonadherance syndrome. One example being a hatred of the British. Really?


And this seems to get the main character out of tiffs as fast as you can sneeze. I don't care about the whole British bashing. But really. Killing people because you say they're British is called murder. Now I'm not above a spot of murder now and then. But I really doubt a drunk old Irish woman would just be okay with it.

Plus you're getting it all wrong. Scotts, Scottish and Welsh people aren't English. That's who I believe you're referring to, Mister Hearne?

The third instalment of the series has a few more of these snapping suspenders than the first two, and it can be jolting. Luckily, I was able to slough them off and keep reading. But it's starting to get old, Mister Hearne. Pull your britches up.

Other than that, the book was great, highly recommended.

Have a nice day.

P.S. The definition of 'several' is 'seven'.

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