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Until the Sun Falls from the Sky by Kristen Ashley
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Jun 22, 2012

it was amazing
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“For eternity. Until the end of days. Until the sun falls from the sky.”

Woww. Now that’s how you write a f**king awesome paranormal romance!!!

Smokin’ hot and steamy! Original world-building! Strong characters! Page-turning writing! This book has it all!

“All. Fucking. Mine. ” he whispered fiercely.

In this world, vampires always have a chosen concubine (either male or female depending on the preference) in their lives who serve to feed them blood for a few years at a time until they are released from service. In return, they are lavishly looked after for their entire lives and greatly respected among the vampire community. Leah comes from a long line of elite concubines. At the Selection (where vampires get to choose their next concubine), she is selected by Lucian – the absolute most Alpha uber-vampire of them all.

Lucian has been watching Leah for the past 20 years. He marked her as his, waiting for the right time to make her his. But he is fed up with the hand-tying rules of the Vampire Dominion that do not allow for vampires to be sexually involved with their concubines and will stop at nothing to to have every part of her. He risks his life to cheats the rules and make it so that she can be completely his, regardless of how she may feel about it.

Their intense attraction and deep connection to each other is undeniable, but they both have a lot to learn about each other, their worlds before they can completely join their hearts. This is their story.

“I’ve been waiting for you since I knew you existed. But I’ve been waiting for someone like you for five fucking centuries.”

First off, I’ll say that I loved the mythology!! It was very clean and simple – nothing I had to try too hard wrap my head around or make any huge leaps of acceptance for. Everything about the world was logical and felt very realistic and was the perfect blend of our world with the supernatural one.

The sexual tension in this book was INTENSE!! *fans self* Seriously smokin’ hot!! There were also a fair number of moments that made me tear up, it has typical amazing KA-style dialogue, (no kidnappings!! lol), and a seriously engaging storyline that just draws right you in!

But let me tell you, this book T.O.Y.E.D with my emotions!! Holy freaking hell! One minute I was intensely angry, then dreamily happy, then swoony, then teary, then furious, then back to happy… For the first 70%, my heart was yo-yoed back and forth between extreme HATE for the super-controlling-asshat-uber- Jerk Lucian and intense, complete and utter LOVE for the possessive-sweet-caring-protective-swoony Lucian.

Major conflicted emotions here! There were so many things that Lucian did that rubbed me waaaay the wrong way and yet still I utterly LOOOOOOOVED the book!

Let me start by saying that I. absolutely. ADORED. Leah!!! She is one of my FAV heroines I have ever read! I had SO much respect for her! I felt that everything she did was justified, reasonable, believable, and totally understandable. She never once made me roll my eyes and it was her strength of character that got me through the tougher parts of this book. She was so strong-willed, had so much spirit and sass, she was fiesty and brave and never gave away any piece of herself until she knew without a doubt that she also held Lucian’s heart.

“Are you mine?”
“If you give me you, Lucien, then I promise. I’ll give you me.”

As for Lucian… first off I should say that now, having finished the book, I have to say that I LOVE him. Seriously, utterly, swoonily head-over-heels LOVE him! Buuuuut, it wasn’t always so lol…

Is it wrong to want to throttle a ficticional character?!? In the beginning, I found myself intensely furious and frustrated with Lucian. I’d gasp and splutter my way through the chapters with all sorts of “oh. my. god! He did NOT just DO that?!!?!!!” reactions. To say he tested my patience would be a major understatement. I kept going back and forth between melting over something he did and wanting to bitch slap the holy freaking hell out of him!! Major throttling wishes happened! He infuriated me!! He was hypocritical, controlling, manipulative, enraging, and simply the biggest JERK I’ve ever read in a book. It came off that he wanted to break her, to control her, and for her to be his ‘pet’. Needless to say, I had a few issues with all of those. Aaand, that being said, throughout all these feelings, I also couldn’t help but feel seriously intense love for him. You could just tell than underneath all his actions there was a seriously good heart and you just didn’t have the whole picture.

“In fact, when he wasn’t being a jerk, controlling or a pain in the ass, he looked at me…
He looked at me…
Oh hell, he looked at me like I was his life.”

In many of KA’s books, where the heroine ‘fights’ the hero’s advances, I’m usually always rolling my eyes at their antics and mentally telling them to just get over it. But in this book, I was right there with Leah when she said he hated him. But, see, I was also right there with her when she melted for him too… so conflicting!!

“Don’t try me,” Lucian warned in my head.
“Kiss my concubine ass,” I returned in his.

As Lucian began to teach Leah about his world and the more she learns about him, the more she sees his kind-hearted side. He really tried his best to get her to learn about and see the world – hoping that she would learn to embrace it.

The more insight we got into Lucian’s life, and his culture, the more understanding I became of his actions and of his world. As much as I thought his behavior was so freaking NOT ok in many situations, I understood that that was his cultural norm and that within that, he was trying really hard to make things work. Throughout everything, the good and the bad, it was impossible to ignore how strongly he cared for Leah. And when he did swoony thing, my heart just melted into a puddle of goo. But, like Leah, I held out on completely loving him until he finally gained, and more importantly, showed respect for her. Very, very important!

Part of what is conflicting comes because it becomes clear that while Lucian thinks he wants to break her, yet at any sign of her spirit actually breaking or being subdued, he feels strong remorse and wants nothing more than to reverse it… it was as if the whole idea of breaking her was a giant test to see if she was really strong enough NOT to break.

“Love is a blanket that keeps you warm not one that traps and suffocates you.”

And then, at about 70% there is a turning point where a) the cultural bindings that were influencing his actions were broken through, and b) certain things came into the light that explained and changed his behavior. And let me tell you, this was seriously STRONG writing because, I kid you not, within a matter of about 3 pages, I literally forgot ALL of my frustrations and any feeling of hate that I may have had for Lucian. They just disappeared!! Poof! Gone! And after that I had nothing but seriously strong love for him to the point that I’d say he’s one of my favorite book characters – hands down! In league with Bones, Barrons, Wrath, and all the other big swoony PNR uber-Alphas

This book has a big theme of being able to live while showing your true self – about not having to hide yourself behind an ‘image’. And the more you read about it, the more you understand the depth of the concubine/vampire relationship.

“Concubines understand and accept who we are, what we need and they give us more. Not just blood. A safe harbor where we can be who are are.”

“You live your day-to-day life hiding the essence of who you are; you don’t want to let someone into that life who won’t accept you for that same thing.”

And when it got good and they figured each other out, it was GOOOOOD!! Lucian and Leah were so functional as a couple!! All admitting mistakes, not keeping secrets, opening up to each other, working as a team… just wow. And seriously H.O.T.!!!!! Just non-stop swoony, sexy, funtional perfection!

The ending of the book wraps up this story, but leads right into book 2. There is a Prophecy to by fullfilled and clearly a lot more to the story. I absolutely cannot WAIT for book 2.

If you are a big fan of KA but kind of feel like going back to a PNR, this is a perfect read. If you haven’t yet read KA and you want to try it out, just bear in mind that her heroes do not usually come off as such major jerks as Lucian did in the beginning. This was a bit of an extreme. But as with all KA books (that woman is a freaking genius!!) you can’t help but just melt and fall in love with the hero.

CASTING (see above and below)

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June 26, 2012 –
10.0% "God he's a jerk!! Albeit a gorgeous one but still! ... I love Leah's feistiness though :))"
June 26, 2012 –
23.0% "Wow this is hot!! Especially considering they haven't done it yet and she still hates him ..."
June 26, 2012 –
28.0% ""All. Fucking. Mine. " he whispered fiercely."
June 26, 2012 –
37.0% ""Love is a blanket that keeps you warm not one that traps and suffocates you." \n \n Practice what you preach, Lucian... Practice what you preach....\n \n On a side note, I loooove the mythology! Very clean and simple but still original :)"
June 26, 2012 –
41.0% "WHAT????!?? *gaspi oh no he DIDN'T?!? *splutter* The... The... The... BASTARD!!!! \n \n Ugh!! Is it wrong to want to throttle a ficticional character?!? He needs his ass handed to him!\n \n And here I was feeling all sorry for him with his tragic backstory. Humph! As if... I'm right there with Leah on wanting to find gasoline and matches right about now. \n \n GAHHHHH!!!!!!!"
June 26, 2012 –
45.0% "This book is t.o.y.i.n.g. with my emotions!! One minute I'm angry, then happy, then swoony, then teary, then furious...."
June 26, 2012 –
57.0% ""I've been waiting for you since I knew you existed. But I've been waiting for someone like you for five fucking centuries.""
June 26, 2012 –
58.0% "*deeeeep breaths* ooooooh boy that Lucian is testing my patience grrrrrrrrrrrr. He did NOT just DO that!!!!! \n I think i need to call Bones in here to come and kick his ass a little... Take him down a notch. The nerve on him!!!"
June 27, 2012 –
60.0% "Not 3 pages ago I kinda hated him, and now I utterly love him again. My heart = yo-yo."
June 27, 2012 –
69.0% "PROOF THAT I'LL NEVER GET THROUGH MY TBR LIST!!! Lol\n \n ...he was lying in bed reading...\n "After 800 plus years, haven't you read every book ever published?" I asked....\n "No.""
June 27, 2012 –
71.0% "*fans self* wow that was hot!!! And yeah, I'm TOTALLY in love with Lucian now. All the freaking way baby!"
June 27, 2012 –
74.0% "Wow that's strong writing! I swear I've forgotten every bit of my hate for Lucian I now have nothing but love for him!!! <3"
June 27, 2012 –
85.0% "Ok I have to put this down for the night. Yet again, it has kept me up waaaaay past my bed time. LOVE this book!!! Love Lucian (especially now that he's no longer a jerk). Love Leah (might be one of my fav heroines ever). And love the world :)\n \n I'm stopping now cuz everything is kinda happy and calm (ish) and the next chapter is called "The Attack" *gulp*!!!! \n \n Can't wait to finish it tomorrow :)))"
June 28, 2012 –
92.0% "*heart pounding* squeeeee this is getting intense!!!!! Love!!!!"
June 28, 2012 –
94.0% " "For eternity. Until the end of days. Until the sun falls from the sky." *sniff-tear-squeeeee*"
June 28, 2012 –
99.0% "Wow wow wow. Now that's how you write a f*cking awesome PNR!!! I cannot WAIT for book 2!!!! Off to write my review :)))"
June 29, 2012 – Shelved as: favorites
June 29, 2012 – Shelved as: book-1-of-my-fav-series

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message 1: by Leea (new) - added it

Leea Can't wait for your review. I've fallen behind on my KA books.

Aestas Book Blog I'm starting in about 5 mins. What are you reading now?

message 3: by Leea (new) - added it

Leea I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga it's really good but not hot sexy men. Just a messed up 17 year old boy. lol!

Aestas Book Blog hmmm yeah that title doesn't really seem very steamy lol. Glad its good though - you'll have your KA men waiting for you when you're finished :)

Scandal (Scandalicious Book Reviews) shut the front door! i'm soooo reading this one...crap, i have so many KA books i need/want to read - ***flees from computer to get busy***

Aestas Book Blog IKR?!! I just couldn't bring myself to read any other book next once I found out about this one!

Maria OMG I'm reading it now and about 65% in and I'm totally in Love with this Book!!!

Aestas Book Blog aaaaaaaa I got side tracked but I'm going to start it NOW!! I'm so excited!!!! :D

Scandal (Scandalicious Book Reviews) i can't stand it!!! so many good books out there right's like i need 2 brains and 4 sets of eyes!!!

Aestas Book Blog Donna wrote: "i can't stand it!!! so many good books out there right's like i need 2 brains and 4 sets of eyes!!!"

ahhahaaaaaa AMEN!!! *nods head*

message 11: by AJ (new) - rated it 5 stars


Jennifer☠Pher☠ I had no idea until I saw your post! At least I know what to read after Rock Chick 7!!

Aestas Book Blog ★Jennypher★ aka BRAT wrote: "I had no idea until I saw your post! At least I know what to read after Rock Chick 7!!"


message 14: by AJ (new) - rated it 5 stars

AJ Awesome review Aestas!! So happy that you loved it. And there is my Lucian. Yep... licking the screen! Christ, he's hot!!!

Blacky *Romance Addict* Wow wonderfull review!

Maria HOLY HOTTNESS!!! Great Review Aestas!! I'm with AJ totally Licking The Screen right now;)

Tomoe-Aurelia I've got to read this soon !!

Aestas Book Blog Thanks guys :D *hands out drool buckets*

Maria Aurelia, you sooooo have to read this one, you will Love it!!

Maria Filling Up Drool Bucket!!!!

message 21: by Tomoe-Aurelia (last edited Jun 29, 2012 08:34AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Tomoe-Aurelia I bought it the other day !

I think I'm gonna finish book 3 in Experiment in Terror and then I'll read this one :D

Maria Awesome, keep me posted!!

Maria Dump and Refill, Dump and Refill!!! LOL:)

message 24: by AJ (new) - rated it 5 stars

AJ No, No... Read it now, READ IT NOW!!!!!

BTW I'm on my second drool bucket!

Tomoe-Aurelia No no no I can't read it now !!
I've just fnished an intense scene in the book I'm reading and I have to kno more and see where it leads them :P

Aestas Book Blog Lmao! *goes online and mass orders more drool buckets*

Aurelia - save this for one of your next reads - its totally worth it!!

Tomoe-Aurelia Yeah definitely, you got it on top of my TBR pile !

Please ship one or two or more drool buckets to France XD

Aestas Book Blog Woohoo!! Will do, they'll be arriving shortly :p

Michelle(Chelle) aka Nightshade - Cake Whisperer This is so totally being moved way up on my TBR list. Love the review Aestas....Hot pics too.

Aestas Book Blog Yay! Thanks Chelle! Can't wait to hear what you think of it :)

~*~JenJenBoBin We all need those drool clothes like they use at dog shows for Newfs (shows dogs can ya tell?) We can tuck them in our shirt collar and use as needed .... keeping several on hand of course! Lawd!! I <3 your review ... awesome! I shared it with a friend who likes JF NH books :) I have a migraine right now so I am hanging back from Lucien but I am getting closer to the end 86%

Aestas Book Blog Sorry about your migraine Jennifer! Hopefully it'll clear up soon so you can get back to yummy yummy Lucian! You are at the good part now :)

Lol *adds some orders of 'those drool clothes' to the drool bucket mass purchase order*

Thanks for sharing my review :)

message 33: by ~ Becs ~ (new) - added it

~ Becs ~ Great review - gorgeous pics.

Aestas Book Blog thanks Becs :D

Scandal (Scandalicious Book Reviews) I'm starting Knight tonight...then, in your opinion, should i do Until the Sun Falls...or get back to my Rock Chicks?

Katya I loved this book....what a great story.

message 37: by Aestas Book Blog (last edited Jun 29, 2012 06:05PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Aestas Book Blog Donna wrote: "I'm starting Knight tonight...then, in your opinion, should i do Until the Sun Falls...or get back to my Rock Chicks?"

Ohhhh you are brave starting Knight! I think that's the only KA book that I'm not going to read.... I think the Daddy thing is a little too much for me. But I hear a lot of people did like it so hopefully it's good :)

I read this in the middle of the Rock Chick series and was very happy with when I read it. It give a small break but still has all the KA yumminess we know and love so I'd say read it whenever you are in the mood for a PNR :)

Aestas Book Blog Katya wrote: "I loved this book....what a great story."

:)) totally agree!

Scandal (Scandalicious Book Reviews) Aestas **aka Crazinneldy** wrote: "Donna wrote: "I'm starting Knight tonight...then, in your opinion, should i do Until the Sun Falls...or get back to my Rock Chicks?"

Ohhhh you are brave starting Knight! I think that's the only KA..."

I'm trying really hard to ignore the Daddy thing I've read in other's reviews - if it makes me crazy I've got a Rock Chick booted up and ready to roll!!

message 40: by AJ (new) - rated it 5 stars

AJ I'm a massive KA fan, and had to admit I only got just over halfway through Knight before I had to give it a rest. It just didn't work for me. I'll go back and finish it one day. But others love it so I hope you enjoy it!

And having the Hot Bunch as a back is an excellent plan! ;)

Aestas Book Blog Donna wrote: "Aestas **aka Crazinneldy** wrote: "Donna wrote: "I'm starting Knight tonight...then, in your opinion, should i do Until the Sun Falls...or get back to my Rock Chicks?"

Ohhhh you are brave starting..."

Hahahahaa I love it!! They are the perfect safety net :))

Scandal (Scandalicious Book Reviews) Shit! you guys are making me nervous now!

message 43: by AJ (new) - rated it 5 stars

AJ Hahaha, sorry don't mean to make you nervous, just giving a 'heads up' that it's different from the usual KA. Give it a try though - you never know, you may LOVE it!

message 44: by Aestas Book Blog (last edited Jun 29, 2012 06:16PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Aestas Book Blog Sorry! Not the intent! Lol. But I gotta say I'm pretty wary of Knight. I think its one of those situations where some people love it and some hate it. I think it's just really not my "kind" of book, but that in no way is a judgment or means its a bad book...

Scandal (Scandalicious Book Reviews) Aestas **aka Crazinneldy** wrote: "Sorry! Not the intent! Lol. But I gotta say I'm pretty wary of Knight. I think its one of those situations where some people love it and some hate it. I think it's just really not my "kind" of book..."

oh, no worries, I'm not easily deterred! Especially if there's the promise of possible kinky fuckery (for lack of a better term!)

message 46: by AJ (new) - rated it 5 stars

AJ Yup! What she said *points above*

Aestas Book Blog I hope it's ends up being a good read for you Donna. And if not, the Rock Chick Boys will make you feel better in no time! :)

~*~JenJenBoBin Did you say "Kinky Fuckery" on this thread?? Where exactly can i find this you speak of? :X

message 49: by Aestas Book Blog (last edited Jun 29, 2012 07:54PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Aestas Book Blog Ummmm... Jennifer, did I see correctly that you in fact have not yet read either Fifty Shades?!?! or Bared To You?!?!?

The term "kinky fuckery" actually originates from Fifty Shades... If you haven't read them, you are reeeeeeally missing out!!

~*~JenJenBoBin I knew where the term came from because of all the hype from the 50 Shades books. I have them on my TBR list but honestly I probably won't or not for awhile I have too many others I want to read more and I know why a lot about them through friends so too many spoilers if you kknow what I mean. I have Bared To You on my TBR list also and that one I plan on reading and soon.

We need some naked cowboys vampires where can I find those?

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