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Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks
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Jun 21, 2012

it was ok

Nicholas Sparks. Anybody who hasn't heard his name has been living under puddle of magma that eventually cooled into a metamorphic rock which then underwent a series of alternating phases of cooling and heating and became an igneous rock which then(!) proceeded to suffer through intense weathering and erosion forming tiny rock particles that eventually cemented into a small sedimentary rock. This process, of course, spans several hundred/thousand years. (Okay just reread that, makes no sense but my point is, I don't have a point.)

My Rating: 2 stars

Eh, it was all right. The prologue was written well. I was really excited to continue reading. Seriously, I wouldn't have minded if the whole book was just the prologue. I would've liked it better.

But seriously, no. This whole novel was no. Wayyy too contrived. Sparks could not for the life of his pet rock make me sympathize with the characters. I didn't like them. I didn't feel sorry for them. And I didn't root for them.

Clearly, every word was carefully chosen to get a certain reaction out of the reader, to build up the relationship between Theresa and Garrett. It was manipulation, and in a way, that's what writing is. But, the fact of the matter was that it was so clearly blatant. The ending. I was so frustrated. I didn't even care about the characters but, really? That was such an awful ending I wanted to throw my book. I didn't even feel an ounce of sadness. And that's saying something! I'm a crying machine, I empathize with everyone and their freaking grandma's dog!

But nope. Nothing. Just frustration that I read the whole book and (view spoiler) I felt cheated. Not that bad endings are bad, but I didn't even connect with these characters. So to see it end like that was like a disappointment, although I was relieved it was over.

A) Theresa? Her relationship with her kid was confusing. Although she said she cared about Garrett, I think Sparks falls short in showing that besides a few times. One second he's in the back of her mind, the next he's the reason she can't move in with Garrett? Too bad he's 12 and has plenty of time to adjust to new surroundings. Garrett had clearly taken a big step to discuss their relationship and she did not even try to compromise. She just refused! Way to give and take. Especially given his inner turmoil.

Which leads me to their relationship. Sex the second day they've met. For people who haven't been with anyone horizontally, that was a little unrealistic. If he had such a hard time getting over Catherine, how could he just accept someone so easily and intimately? And clearly they both thought sex was intimate. Their relationship just progressed too fast to be believable. And, OH MY SATAN. Their conversations? So. Boring. Do people really talk like that? They really only talked about themselves in the most mundane ways, clearly only to reveal insight to their past/ sometimes their feelings. Either way, it was so obviously only a way to get the plot moving and it felt forced. I don't know how they fell in love because their conversations were so awkward to read. They did not show their personalities. Both Theresa and Garrett were flat and dry. I don't know what they were like. Which is disappointing because Sparks had over 300 pages to show me.

But, to be fair, the premise was interesting. Nicholas knows how to write, and there is a reason he's so famous, but in short-- not my cup of tea. :)
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Rayni That's it! I felt cheated.

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