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Spellcast by Barbara Ashford
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The first few chapters of this were tough to get through, as you get a million characters thrown at you and not a lot of depth and I considered dumping the book at one point, but I'm glad I stuck with it, because I did get sucked in, eventually.

I think this is partially due to the fact that I kind of related to Maggie - and it was kind of refreshing to see a size 12 female protagonist - and partially 'cause I'm sort of a sucker for things Fae. I also liked the quasi-magical-realism aspect of most of the story, since the magic is kind of a natural extension of things, and not, like, fireballs and shit. (Not that there's anything wrong with fireballs, mind you - but I enjoyed the more subtle version presented in this story.)

I also, ultimately, liked the theater aspect - and, honestly, it's one of the reasons I picked this book up, considering my own dabblings in theater all throughout school and continuing to today with community theater productions, which this book had the feel of (even if they did get paid. Lucky bastards.)

Anyway - it's a good thing that I did end up clicking with Maggie and Rowan, because this is very much a character based story - love and drama and relationships, oh my.

I think my main complaint is that the secondary characters - and there were a lot of them - aren't very well developed. It makes sense, in a way, because while the story is ostensibly about the theater, it's really about Maggie - about her coming to terms with her past, with herself, and with Rowan.

I wasn't entirely thrilled with the bitter-sweet ending, though. I mean, you're sort of prepared for it, but I still found myself a bit annoyed that (view spoiler)

And it's mostly because of the bitter-sweet ending that I wasn't entirely sure I wanted to continue with the next book... but, after reading reviews, it seems to tie the story up nicely - and I could use some resolution, because I do feel like there's a lot left hanging at the end of this book.

Also, it'll be interesting to see how Maggie copes with being the director, and I'm curious as to how that'll change the dynamic of her and theater.
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message 1: by Ian (new)

Ian Nice review.

Just of my biggest book peeves is when I have to buy book two to get a resolution. Do you think I could walk away after reading the book and be happy or will I be left in an annoyed sniveling mess?

colleen the convivial curmudgeon I'm not 100% sure I can answer this before I read book 2, because it partially depends on whether something which seems complete in book 1 actually is.

That said -

It's not a cliffhanger ending or anything, and things are resolved enough that I feel like I could walk away now without being a mess.

My lack of a sense of closure is more because I was unhappy with the ending, and I'm hoping that things get revisited in the next book - but there's no guarantee that will happen because that chapter is ostensibly closed. (I'm hoping for a reopening, I suppose you could say.)

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