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I'm considering whether or not to create a new shelf titled swooning-like-a-schoolgirl, but I already have a similar one, which makes it redundant. This book should come up with a warning about fanning yourself and internal combustion. It made me want to go make out with my boyfriend (but I don't have one right now. boo.).

I honestly did not think that Lucas would be as sexy as he ended up being because I don't go for the tattooed, pierced type. It's just never been my thing. But Lucas blew all my petty annoyances out of the water. He was sensitive, smart, possessive (maybe overly so), and oh-so-sexy. If you read the blurb, you sort of expect a mildly stalkerish introvert. Which I suppose Lucas is, but Webber manages to portray him as a good, decent human being despite his bad boy appearance, and I loved him regardless. His gruesome past comes as a pretty big shocker, and I liked that this was emphasized in a realistic way, instead of through those big dramatic moments and hand-to-mouth gasps. And his complete devotion towards Jacqueline, as well as his lack of caring when she caught him staring at her? I was about to burst into flames from all the sexual tension, holy cannoli.

This book can't be argued as completely unique or outstanding, but Webber explores the topic of rape in a way that isn't overly preachy and that emphasizes the power that women have. When the sorority president gave her speech, I wanted to applaud. It was beautiful.

Jacqueline is a very likable character. She has her own regrets and bad decisions, but she comes to terms with them in a way that's reasonable. I also have to give Webber kudos for the side characters like Erin, Benji, and even Kennedy. They had developed personalities, and I never felt that they submitted to any specific cliche. I especially liked Erin, probably because of her obsession with groin-hitting. Heh.

That said, I love this cover. It has some understated elegance, I suppose. It doesn't hurt that I happen to love the shades of blue they've used.
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Stacia (the 2010 club) Great review. I liked the book for many of the same reasons you did.

Sophie Thank you! And yes, I just saw your review. Glad you shared my feelings about the book!

message 3: by Jim (new) - added it

Jim Really well done, Sophie! I have heard so many good things about this one, and your review really underscores its power.:)

Sophie I'm glad to have a role in promoting the book! It was extremely easy for me to read, and I enjoyed it very much.

message 5: by Jim (new) - added it

Jim You did a great job with your review! And I will definitely get to this, hopefully one day soon. :)

Sophie Thank you! And that's terrific; I look forward to seeing what you think about it!

 Arushi What a lovely review. Sigh. If I'd read this book prior to friending you, I think you know what my answer was going to be to your challenge question.


Sophie Lucas is quite possibly one of the hottest fictional men to have graced the depraved YA market.


 Arushi THEN Y U NO GIVE IT FIVE STARS? Something's wrong with your brain, that's why *flips hair*

I know! I ship him so hard with Adrian.

You're seeing things, Sophie. I said Lucas and Jacqueline are the hottest fictional couple. The little snippets of their Adventurous Nights sans clothes? Colour me done.

Sophie I'm actually extremely selective about 5 stars now. I'll go back and see I gave books like The Princess Diaries five stars, but that was when I was blind to gender politics and all that weirdness.

*sings under breath* I whip my hair back and forth, I whip mah hair back and forth...

Really? Because I could see him with Adrian. Mmhmm. Don't know who gave me that idea, but yeah. Totally possible. But I guess I do have a tendency to hallucinate where sexy men are concerned.

message 11: by Arushi (last edited Jul 15, 2012 04:12PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

 Arushi I remember lusting after Michael for so long. He used to be my dream guy but I didn't tell you this, are we clear?'re weird. I like you.

Shhh, let him be happy with Jackie. Who are we to rain on their parade? ADRIAN IVASHKOV CAN BE MINE.

Sophie Oh, my God. Michael was perfect. I wanted to name my kid Michael for a long time after I read it. And I would stare creepily at this one friend I had whose name was Michael.

Ahem. But I'm normal now.

I think the same can be said for you, my friend.

Dude, you can't have Adrian, Cassiel, Alex Pettyfer, etc. It's like some sort of harem. It's also unfair to the rest of us poor females.

 Arushi Michael is actually my most favourite name ever. All the Michaels I have met in my life have been the epitome of perfection.

No. You're still weird. It's okay.

Fight for them then. Show me you deserve them. (You missed Channing by the way)

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