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Nimpentoad by Henry L. Herz
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Jun 20, 2012

really liked it
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Nimpentoad by Henry L. Herz, Sean Eddingfield, Bill Maus, and Joshua Herz is an entertaining tale of a little creature named Nimpentoad who cleverly leads his fellow Niblings on a grand adventure in search of a safe place to call home.

Nimpentoad is a Nibling and lives in Grunwald Forest with many other fascinating, but not always so friendly creatures. Niblings "are
skinny and short – about waist-high to an
adult human." Due to their small size they often get picked on by the other forest inhabitants. Finally, Nimpentoad decides he has had enough and convinces the other Niblings to travel to the castle of Goofus the Giant. He tells them Goofus can protect them from the bullies of the forest and in turn they will help Goofus with cooking, cleaning and reading...things that are much to difficult for a giant. The journey is long and dangerous, but Nimpentoad is determined. Will he lead the others to safety or directly into harms way?

Nimpentoad is a fantastic adventure that also teaches children that even the smallest person or creature can make a big difference.

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