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Unholy Night by Seth Grahame-Smith
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Jun 20, 2012

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Same guy that wrote the Lincoln Vampire book. This is certainly an interesting take on an alternative history of the Jesus story. While I was reading it I thought — who knows, people change history and events all the time to satisfy whatever goals they have in mind. Could some of this have happened? Nope, this one is far more dramatic than the original story. And even the original is pretty dramatic already. But this story did address some things that have bothered me. Like, who delivered the baby? Because I don't believe Joseph would have dared to witness the event with the traditions they had back in those days. Still, the story seems like it was heavy on action. And I can see a kind of video game/special effects influence here. I never understood the whole go to your own town of birth census thing. Why would everyone have to do that? I mean, wouldn't they have taken the census in the town people actually resided in, like they do today? That part of the story always seemed a bit forced to accommodate the prophecy. I don't really think biblical history is all fact and no fiction. The stories are based on some actual events and probably changed a great deal depending on the writer's objectives, the traditions of the time period, and the political climate, not to mention the people in power. So, I suppose one of the wise men could have been a kick-ass thief turned action hero. And Mary and Joseph weren't as meek and mild as depicted in the bible. I'd like to think they had to step up and do what was necessary to protect their baby. Mary was a bit feistier in this story. I liked that a lot.

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