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She Wulf (Annie Loves Cham, #4 by Sheryl Steines
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Jun 20, 2012

it was amazing

Day of First Sun was one of the first book reviews I did after I started blogging again this January.

I'd like to think I've gotten better since then & here's why.

Day of First Sun was a spectacular read, but I don't think I went into depth as much as I could have. So, for She Wulf, I've decided to be more thorough.

I'll start, with the prologue, and by stating that the narration of this book reads like Poe. It is descriptive genius at its best.
 Thick white clouds gathered at the center of the library. It floated toward the highest shelf, where a book shook and sputtered as it ate away the heavy mist. As the last of the vapor lifted, a white, hot light flashed before burning out, leaving the book on its shelf as it had for centuries.

What's not to love about that? It makes a great opening, similar to The Fall of the House of Usher, and lets the reader step into fantasy-land. I find there are two reactions tothe way in which fantasy/sci-fi authors set up their worlds. One involves creating the world by slowly/descriptively infusing physical parameters into the world. The other sort of pukes it all out onto the page  then smacks the reader with a stick and says 'IDIOT, don't you know how my world works?'

She Wulf world - no puking there. It's glorious blissful narration adds elements at a pace that is sort-of like think painting.

I think therefore it appears

Puke vs. Poof.

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Puffy cat is not amused, but I sure am
Think painting - I think therefore it appears.

That (think painting) reminds me of another aspect of Sheryl Steines' writing which is the closest thing to magic I've read in a long time.

That quite simply is her ability to instantly portray tone and personality through dialogue. I will admit that at one point, I loved the show Friends. I can still tolerate it in a background noise way, similar to other sitcoms. This book, has the magic that Friends did, they actually jump off the page (very quickly I might add) as a group of friends who are intimately attached, and believe in each other. (Each in their own unique/magical/quirky way.)

Cham, Annie, Spencer and everyone else actually - even if only characters in passing emerge from the page with an entire multi-faceted personality in place. I'm sure that there is some of my own placing of attributes and qualities  onto everyone, but part of an enjoyable read is being able to identify with everyone in the book in some way.

Steines' writing is as magical as all the characters in the book put together. Her prowess is a super-magic being that transcends all others.

Fundamentally the book is a stoic force to conquer all others in it's path. It reads like a movie script waiting to be made, and I haven't even given you the basic plot line.

On the path of movieness, there are vikings, deamons, and a myriad of other creatures that inhabit the world of magic that would make for some great programming and effects in a full length movie. Think star trek ship porn, but with magical creatures.

There's enough action that my heart began racing while I was reading it. It was simply wonderful to read a book that was as fast paced as I needed it to be. There's a portal - and in my experience (reading maybe not in real life?) portals are never a good thing. They lead somewhere, but they tend to be tricky bastards that don't lead back to the same place, or disappear and have to be re-opened. Portals bring about misery, though they also often give in and let us come back after a lengthy battle even if it's just a battle of wills. I hope, that Annie and Cham will always win.

I'm not telling. NA, na, na-na, na.

In my world (which could be arguably small) Star trek sits a-top the peak of things I enjoy. She Wulf, has climbed to a perch sitting  slightly below, but very close to all my star trek love. I haven't loved a sci-fi world much more than Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles and Anne McCaffrey's Crystal singer & Pern series. This book joins that crowd.

Can you tell I have a thing for strong narratives and multi-faceted characters?

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