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I Am (Not) the Walrus by Ed Briant
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's review
Jun 20, 2012

really liked it

Shaunta's Review:

I have a thing for books about music. Especially if they have settings that take me there. And characters I want to go there with.

I Am (Not) the Walrus was one of those books.

Toby is just a regular kid, with some talent on the bass, a big brother he idolizes (whether said big brother deserves it or not), a crush on a pretty girl, and a mystery to solve. I left this book thinking that Toby is a kid I'd like to know. Good-natured, wanting to do the right thing even if it messes up the music career he's on the brink of. Toby loves his mom. He loves the Beatles. He's got charisma for miles. I loved the way he related with both his crush, Michelle, and his best friend and band mate, Zach. And it was so awesome to read a book where the mom wasn't absent or neglectful.

I Am (Not) the Walrus is fun. It's a breath of fresh air to read about a good kid trying to do the right thing. He has some talent, but isn't a phenom. He struggles with his conscious, but does the right thing. And is rewarded for it. And all of that, for me, added up to a book that was pure pleasure to read. The English tone of the book was like a mini European vacation.

As for problems, they were few, and easily overcome by the good. Toby had a grown-up step in whenever he needed one. Maybe a little too easily. And the tension surrounding the mystery was sometimes just a little bit lax. But really, these things didn't detract from the book. This is a fun, fun read, perfect for summer.

I'm super excited to announce that we'll have an interview with the author in the upcoming days, and I'll be giving away my copy of I Am (Not) the Walrus.

WHAT I LIKED: I loved Toby, and how he related to the other characters. I loved the setting, and how reading it felt like being there. I am always a fan of books that might might attract boy readers, or reluctant readers, and I Am (Not) the Walrus is both. I also really, really love the cover. I was entertained and engaged straight through the story.

WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE: The solutions to Toby's problems were sometimes a little too easy, particularly when an adult was involved. I would have liked a little more tension in some parts as well.

GRADE: B+ I would recommend this book to anyone looking for something fun and European and musical to read.

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