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A Shadow in Summer by Daniel Abraham
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Jun 20, 2012

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I find it very hard to give A Shadow in Summer an accurate star rating that would fully capture my thoughts. It is very well-written, enough so that I will certainly be picking up the next in the series. That's not always an easy thing to find and I'm generally quite picky when it comes to writing quality in sci-fi/fantasy. The ideas that went into the worldbuilding - the idea of the andat and the poets, mainly - are both original and very interesting.

That being said there are also some rather significant flaws. The conspiracy that lies at the heart of the plot and drives everything that happens seems... very roundabout and poorly thought out. A lot of trouble seems to have been gone to without hope of achieving all that much. It doesn't make much sense, and since it is the heart of everything that happens in this book, that's a problem.

I don't particularly like most of the characters either. Granted, good writing often involves creating flawed, realistic, and at times unlikable characters but a lot of the ones in Shadow seem to be underdeveloped or portrayed in a rather inconsistent way. I'm mainly thinking of Liat. There were some moments with her character that seemed to ring false and didn't fit with what we know of her.

Still, I have already started reading the next volume of this series and perhaps some of the flaws will be resolved there.
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