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Cerulean Sins by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Why I did I not like this book? I suppose it could have been the fact that a once kick ass heroine is now a sex fiend. However, Anita is Hamilton's character, and Hamilton has the right to change the character. I just wish she had done it in a more believable way. Why, for instance, can't Anita control her desires when Jean-Claude can? Why doesn't Anita even try? I might not have liked the book because all the sex sounds the same. It really does, and it is really boring sex. The only difference in the way the men have sex with Anita is the size of their equipment. Maybe it is because Anita is now totally self-absorbed that everything she does is right, and everyone else is wrong. This isn't character growth. It's character regression. How does Jean-Claude rule as a master vampire when he is wimp? How does Richard keep power when he is a wimp? Why doesn't someone shoot Anita in the head and take over the city? The fact that the characters have been so warped might be another reason why I did not like the book. Actually, it was all of the above combined with the fact that Hamilton or her editor neglected to use her Spell checker. I wanted to get out a red pen and fix sentences. If you like unintended comedies, you might like this.
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Niina I agree fully with what you wrote.

Chris Thank you.

Dale Modisette 1. "Why, for instance, can't Anita control her desires when Jean-Claude can?" : well I don't know might be that he is over 400yrs old

2. "Why doesn't Anita even try?" : well all the shit she's been through maybe just maybe she's tired of running from who and what she is now

Chris With all due respect, I'm glad you liked it. But to answer your points.

2. The Anita in the early books would've tried. Additionally, she wasn't a succubus until the marks (in the short answer form) made her one. I don't see that as running from who you are.

1. But Anita really doesn't try and learn. You figure if JC figured it out, he could tell Anita. She could at least try to learn.

As I said, if this is the direction Hamilton wants to go, fine. I have no problem with sex. But I found the whole succubus like thing to be a very bad plot point. The earlier books were good. This one made me stop reading the series.

Slayermel Couldn't have said it better myself, I totally agree with your review and all the points you've made.

Chris Thank you.

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