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The Obama Nation by Jerome R. Corsi
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Oct 12, 2008

really liked it
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Recommended for: everyone.
Read in October, 2008

While this book does contain some information about Obama that is inconsequential, such as his father's alcohol problem and Obama's secret smoking, it does point out some far reaching ideas.
The most important thing I take from this book is that Obama wishes to fundamentally change America--he says that himself, but you have look a little deeper to see the type of change to expect. Why did Bill Ayers (still a self professed radical) choose Obama to distribute millions of Annenberg Foundation dollars? They had the same radical philosophy of programs to advance.
Why did Obama sit for 20 years in Rev. Wright's church and listen to black liberation philosophy? If you don't know that philosophy, look it up--it is very radical and racist.
As you read this well documented book, you will realize Obama's ideas come from radicals such as Alinsky and that Obama supports groups that are far from democratic ideals.
The United States is not perfect--we do need change--but do we wish to fundamentally turn away from the Constitution? Do we wish to turn towards socialism?
Another good point in this book has to do with Chicago politics. If you aren't familiar with Chicago politics and "The Chicago Way" ("which involves power, access to government jobs, and taking care of your own--getting close to people in positions of power to gain access") read this book or The Case Against Barack Obama. A lot of powerful people have contributed to Obama's rise and now he owes them. Look at his voting record, he is doing his best to pay them back. Mark my words, if Obama becomes president, he will find a way to pardon Rezko who threw millions of tax dollars away that should have improved the lives of many that need affordable housing.
Obama is a good looking athletic man with a winning smile and a calm demeanor. I can see why he is popular. But can you name one big accomplishment of his? Never mind that, he tells us he will lower taxes for 95% of the people but raise taxes for the richest 5% of the people. That's an effective way to buy votes. Isn't that what Thomas Jefferson warned us about?

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