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12.21 by Dustin Thomason
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Jun 18, 2012

really liked it

I received this through the GoodReads Giveaway.

This was a terrific read! It has creepy medical scares, sacred artifacts, spiritual groups and good people who sometimes make dumb choices. After all, who likes a hero that never makes a single misstep?

Gabe is a top researcher in the study of prions which cause disease like mad cow. Since the huge scare has been over, his funding has been dwindling and he is relegated as a specialist in a supremely narrow field. He is stunned when a doctor from a huge Los Angeles hospital calls with a potential case.

Chel is a curator at the Getty museum in Los Angeles. She is from Guatamala, descended from the Mayans. She is eager to discover and protect the Mayan treasures and history, goes to religious services, and can even speak the ancient language. Her mother, on the other hand, refuses to talk about Guatalama or the fantastic heritage of the Mayans. Chel understands that the death of her father at the hands of the government was hard on her mother, but since he was a leader of the revolution, Chel cannot understand why her mother does not have more vocal pride.

A shady art dealer gives Chel a priceless book-a Mayan codex that looks to predate almost all other codexes known to date. Against her better judgement, she takes it and uses Getty resources to preserve and translate it. It is written on bark and fallig apart. To translate and decipher, she must turn to her old mentor who once betrayed her and an ex-boyfriend who she hasn't seen in months.

In two weeks, it will be 12.21 and the believers in the Mayan calendar are preparing for the end. Chel is contacted by a local hospital to help translate the ravings of a sick man. Once there, she is stunned to find out that it is he who smuggled the codex from Guatamala. She holds back some information from the doctors to protect herself. Only after the sickness spreads does she admit to Gabe her deceit by omission.

From there, they are in a race against time to find something to stop this deadly disease!

I enjoyed this book a lot; I hope this author is prolific!

Like the cover art very much

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