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A Job From Hell by Jayde Scott
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Jun 17, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: love-stories, vampires, other-paranomals, angels-and-demons, young-adult

the story = decent - I cared enough to finish it, so that's something, and, despite the 2 *s I gave it, I am considering reading the next one just because it had potential

Amber = 100% TSTL - basically sells herself to save a guy that she "loves" even though he they have never had an actual conversation other than the few words that they have had to share because she works for him

Aidan = also TSTL - he cannot figure out why Amber is always mad at him even though he never says anything nice to her throughout the entire book. usually I love the male lead in a book. Good guys, bad boys, doesn't matter, I love them. I hated Aidan. He is just a jerk, but thinks it's okay because they will have time to get to know each other later and she is guaranteed to love him because they are "mates." He doesn't care that she does not want to be changed and gives her no reason to want to be with him. He is just convinced that no matter what he does, that she will love him, so it doesn't really matter what he does (and Amber does nothing but prove him right so I guess it doesn't matter).

the romance = nonexistent. the two admit (though just to themselves, not out loud) that they are in love even though throughout the entire book they never have an actual conversation. they argue, they say a few words here and there since Amber works for Aidan, but they never actually get to know each other. they do not even like each other, but they are in love. I understand that they are supposed to be soul mates or whatever, so they are supposed to love no matter what, but they should talk to each other, spend time together. At one point, Amber even admits that she knows nothing about Aidan, but whatever. She loves him. Also, their relationship is nothing but a lack of communication. Whenever they do have a chance to actually talk, they end up getting mad and arguing instead of actually having a conversation.

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