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Skios by Michael Frayn
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Jun 17, 2012

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Michael Frayn is probably best known for his novel Spies although he has written lots of different novels, plays, articles and non-fiction books too. Spies is one of those books I have known about and been interested in for a long time but somehow never gotten around to actually reading. Part of the reason I accepted the request to read Skios was because I thought it being a review book would make me read it rather than just putting it on my to be read pile, and if I liked it I might actually get around to reading Spies.

I suppose Frayn’s reputation made me expect quite a lot from this book, maybe to much. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it exactly but I didn’t think it was some amazing piece of work either. For quite a while I found it just a bit absurd. There were just to many confusions and to many coincidences. Once I just accepted that it was going to be a bit absurd however I did start to enjoy it quite a lot more. I still found that characters and the situation a little stupid but I was more able to see the humour in it all, and it certainly made me start to laugh. In fact I think that’s why it was so absurd, not so much to make a story but to make a bit of entertainment, you just hjad to laugh at how absurd it was or you would be despairing! By the end it actually got so absurd I even got the sense that Frayn was just taking the Micky out of himself- or maybe even out of novels in general- I mean it’s all made up really isn’t it? Or maybe I just wanted there to be something behind the absurdity!

Certainly I would say it’s enjoyable if you’re not going to take it to seriously, if you want to read a serious novel though go for something else because you really won’t like this one!

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