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The Drop by Michael Connelly
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Jun 17, 2012

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It's very hard to measure one book from such a long series of books about the same character. A large part of the enjoyment of reading stories about one person, over so many years, is the familiarity you have built up. With that familiarity comes expectations that must be met, but such expectations can also impose limits on what the character will do that is believable. The earlier books are the best place to start if you haven't read any, the 90s were Harry's best era.

Connelly has created a terrific character in Harry Bosch, spread over 15 novels and 20 years - he also appears in bit part roles in other stories by Connelly. With each book Harry Bosch grows a bit older, a bit more jaded with authority, but he keeps on doing what he does best: solving crimes. The Bosch books are excellent page-turners, elegantly crafted tales that pull you along without too much effort. But, they will not have much to them by way of surprise - we expect a few twists and turns and they are delivered. Harry's career bumps and jostles along, even the long standing support cast know what to expect of him. It's very hard for established lead characters with such a long history to pull off anything that will knock you sideways - Lawrence Block's Matt Scudder series did it with Everybody Dies.

The Bosch books are as reliable and comfortable as a pair of old working boots, and while I enjoy them immensely I also expect they will hold few real surprises at this stage.

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