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Sought by Evangeline Anderson
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The second star is for making me laugh - in a bad way, but still. The first star is for the dubious honor of being one of the most eye-roll-inducing books I've read in a loooooooong time. Let's discuss!
Heroine is "smart" and "funny" but overweight and feels unappreciated on Earth. Two "hot" aliens want to make her their lov-ah because obese girls are called "elites" on their planet and they've both got boners for her annoying ass. Heroine can't, like, deal, because zomg! Decisions are HARD and the "light" twin seems nice but the "dark" twin gives her a frowny face because he is soooo difficult! So of course she falls on their combined dick. Because apparently their dicks twine like pretzels or some shit so they can have sex with their "elite." The twisty-twined dick sex was enabled by a special fruit that the size queen ate to make her stretchy. Blech.
This was then followed by angsty angst for approximately 7,000 pages as the "dark" twin moped about and made super-dramatic decisions affecting everyone without communicating and without considering any repercussions. But don't worry! His mistakes are completely reversed moments later in a beautiful deus ex machina moment (except in this case I believe the machine was antithetical to the god and the god wanted to destroy the machine as heretical, so this is almost punny). Love and happiness abound at the end!
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message 1: by Katie (new)

Katie I'm confused what made you pick up this book in the first place.

Beth her books are usually bad but really entertaining. this one wasn't funny and the world-building was bizarre

Ashley I just cant read this one.. I like the other books but the names are just too much for me. I mean really Lock Tight and Stabs Deep??

Beth LOL exactly!

Brutally Honest Gyaha at least it's "Lock" and "Deep", not "Tight" and "Deep"... or "Lock" and "Stabs"...

Rebekah I literally just spat my drink all over the wall while reading this review. Lol best review ever.

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